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| Volume=58
| Year=2015-2016
| Editor=Koby Michaels
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|President's Message
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|Editor's Message
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= 58th Edition =
= 58th Edition =
''This page was adopted from Kathrin Lang's 53rd Edition page.''
''This page was adopted from Kathrin Lang's 53rd Edition page.''

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The Varsity Outdoor Club Journal Volume 58
VOCJ58 thumb.jpg
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Koby Michaels
Journal Editor
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President's Message 1
Editor's Message 2

58th Edition

This page was adopted from Kathrin Lang's 53rd Edition page.

The VOC publishes a work of literary genius every spring: The Annual VOC Journal. Share your passion for the outdoors and for the VOC - help put together the 58th edition of the VOCJ!

We're using an interactive Wiki page this year, just like ever year. This page is intended to help with the organization of the Journal to get it printed in time. See below for how you can contribute, deadlines, an article list with a trip report list (to avoid having multiple articles on the same trip), FAQs, and a style guide.

Main VOC journal page [1]

How can you contribute?

1. Submit an article.

About what? Write an article about a trip you did with the VOC. Or, write about a trip you did on your own, or it maybe not even about a particular trip. Write outdoor philosophies or ethics or just expressions of love for the mountains. Write an instruction guide for how to make some piece of gear you made at home this year, or if you're really into the history of some outdoor sport, write an article about it. Everything vaguely about non-motorized outdoor sports is welcome! Trip reports about work hikes are highly encouraged!

  • When?
    • February 1, 2016 - Deadline for all articles. No exceptions.
  • How? Send files to [email protected] Include:
    • Submit a .doc or .docx file.
    • Submit no more than 5 photos via a dropbox folder link with full sized images (don't compress them or anything!).
    • You must also include your full name, the date of your trip and captions for the photos! This information should be included in the .doc file before the article you are submitting.

More detailed submission guidelines can be found here; see below for the style guide.

2. Submit a photo to the photo contest.

The journal will also feature the annual photo contest! The categories are club life, portrait, flora and fauna, landscape, action and miscellaneous.

You may submit photos by emailing [email protected] with the subject VOC PHOTO COMPETITION - YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME.

You must also include: 1) a dropbox link to your photo. 2) a photo caption (in the email). 3) Where and when the photo was taken!

  • A) Landscapes – Waterfalls, mountains, sunsets, etc. People are not the focus of the shot.
  • B) Action Shots – Photos of people outdoors and in action, usually climbing, skiing, or mountaineering.
  • C) Flora and fauna – Plants and animals only. A good place for macro's.
  • D) Club Activities – Parties, longhike, winter longhike, glacier school, and all other club activities.
  • E) Portraits – Portrait of a person. Preferably in an outdoor setting, and of someone in the club.
  • F) Misc – Anything that doesn't fit in the other categories.

3. Help with proofing, editing, and layout.

Edit articles for spelling, grammar, consistency. We'll need at least 2 edits per article! Edit photos: check resolution, convert colour to black and white if needed, etc. If you'd like to assist, sign up below! Also, contact Koby at [email protected]

For the Exec

We need two things from you in addition to what we need from everybody else.

A portrait-type picture of yourself. Some of you are really ugly and have trouble with this, but work on it. I have a studio in my office on the second floor. If you want a boring indoor photo that can be arranged. A summary of what it was like to be in your Exec Position for the past year. Any achievements? Problems? And remember: submitting an article to the VOCJ or assisting with editing/layout counts as a workhike!

Editing Team Sign-up

Sign up to help on this google doc! [2] We need editing help, converting photos to black and white, and selling ads!

VOCJ 56 Style sheet

  • The time of day should be written like this, 6:30am
  • use Canadian spelling (per Canadian Oxford Dictionary)
  • use series (Oxford) comma (i.e., bananas, apples, and oranges. NOT bananas, apples and oranges.)
  • use active voice whenever possible
  • avoid using "this" and "that" as pronouns rather than demonstrative adjectives
  • don't use emoticons and gratuitous exclamation points. If you do they will be unceremoniously eliminated
  • enclose dialogue in double quotation marks
  • enclose phrases or words that require definition within single quotation marks
  • words in languages other than English should be italicized.
  • give full names in the first mentions of any people in your article
  • give full names for the first mentions of any potentially unfamiliar acronyms
  • use single spaces after all punctuation
  • use two short dashes for dashes separating phrases; use one short dash for hyphenated words.
  • use metric units; or at least give a metric conversion to any imperial units you use
  • spell out numbers from one to ten; use numerals for everything else, and use a comma in figures with four or more digits. (e.g., 2,568). Exception: use numerals when using decimals, metric units (e.g., 400 m, 30 km), and percentages (e.g., 28 per cent—note that "per cent" is spelled out as two words)
  • it's "gaiters," kids—not "gators." Unless you're actually talking about alligators.
  • use "workhikes"--not "work hikes"