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It would be good to assemble a VOCWiki help page that would instruct people not only on the technical aspect of editing a page, but also give some stylistic advice.

In the mean time, information on how to edit a wiki page is available from Wikipedia.

Name Space

There are three types of pages :

  • Pages such as Huts are the primary content of VOCWiki. They provide useful VOC or outdoors information to the reader. These pages will appear with a white background.
  • Pages that are named VOCWiki:Something, such as this page, are for information about how to use the Wiki itself. These pages will appear with a yellow background.
  • Pages that are named Talk:Something, such as Talk:Main Page are for discussion related to the content of a page. These pages will appear with a yellow background. Every page can have an associated Talk page. Just click on "Discuss this page" link on the vertical toolbar on the left side of the page.

Please make sure that you use these Name Spaces apropriately.


When linking to pages use normal capitilization : first word of a sentence gets a capitalized while the other words don't, unless they are proper names. The linking system is not case-sensitive for the first word (both huts and Huts links to the same things) but it is case sensitive for other words (Garibalidi Neve traverse and Garibaldi Neve Traverse are different).