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Varsity Outdoor Club Centennial Coffee table book project


VOC turns 100 years old in 2017! This page is to facilitate publication of a coffee table book regarding VOC history.

Notes for everyone

  • Photos must be .jpeg or .tiff, 300 dpi (regular scanners will do)
  • Let's work together to make sure this book is of high standard! This book will capture a monumental portion of Canadian mountaineering history.


Role/topic Who's in charge Support
Overall Organizers/Champion Cat herders Kevin Pierce and Elliott Skierszkan
Book Production Team Elliott Skierszkan, Kasia Celler, Caroline Jung, Joe O'Brien
Trek Alumni contact/photography/media Expert Dan Mattison Caroline Jung (reasonable tinkering skills with Photoshop)
Wiki Page head honcho Caroline Jung
InDesign Expert Kasia Celler
Writing/publishing/editing expert Philippe LeBillon
Pre-1950s Kevin Pierce, Lucy Buchanan-Parker
1950s Caroline Jung
1960s Elliott Skierszkan
1970s Birgit Rogalla, Liz Lund(?)
1980s Katie Moreland, Nick Hindley
1990s Kasia Celler, Ross Campbell(?)
2000s Genevieve Savard, Philippe LeBillon
2010s Noriko Okamoto, Anne Vialettes(?)



Date Task
Now-Nov 24 (2016) Contact alumni (list organized by era is in email sent by Elliott on Nov 16, 2016)
Nov 24-30 (2016) Collect stories/photos/etc. from alumni, organize/process material
Dec 1 (2016) Meeting to discuss materials collected.

Book Production

Date Task
Jan-Mar 2017 All book content delivered to Rocky Mountain Publishing (Printing takes two months at least)

Table of Contents

Comments by Era









Topics we should cover

  • Founding of the club
  • Club Traditions
  • Longhike
  • Sphinx Camp
  • Huts History (past and current ones)