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Varsity Outdoor Club Centennial Coffee table book project


VOC turns 100 years old in 2017! This page is to facilitate publication of a coffee table book regarding VOC history.

Notes for everyone

  • Photos must be .jpeg or .tiff, 300 dpi (regular scanners will do)
  • Let's work together to make sure this book is of high standard! This book will capture a monumental portion of Canadian mountaineering history.


Role/topic Who's in charge Support
Overall Organizers/Champion Cat herders Kevin Pierce and Elliott Skierszkan
Book Production Team Elliott Skierszkan, Kasia Celler, Caroline Jung, Joe O'Brien
Trek Alumni contact/photography/media Expert Dan Mattison Caroline Jung (reasonable tinkering skills with Photoshop)
Wiki Page head honcho Caroline Jung
InDesign Expert Kasia Celler
Writing/publishing/editing expert Philippe LeBillon
Pre-1950s Kevin Pierce, Lucy Buchanan-Parker
1950s Caroline Jung
1960s Elliott Skierszkan
1970s Birgit Rogalla, Liz Lund(?)
1980s Katie Moreland, Nick Hindley
1990s Kasia Celler, Ross Campbell(?)
2000s Genevieve Savard, Philippe LeBillon
2010s Noriko Okamoto, Anne Vialettes(?)



Date Task
Now-Nov 24 (2016) Contact alumni (list organized by era is in email sent by Elliott on Nov 16, 2016)
Nov 24-30 (2016) Collect stories/photos/etc. from alumni, organize/process material
Dec 1 (2016) Meeting to discuss materials collected.

Book Production

Date Task
March 1 (2017) Advanced draft (articles and photos)
April 1 (2017) Final Design/content
Mid-May (2017) Final edits complete
May 25 (2017) Final proofs to printer
June 1 (2017) Review proof from printer
Aug 15 (2017) Shipping from printer

Table of Contents

Comments by Era




Highlights (Working Document)

Specfic Events

• 1960s - Major contributions to development of Squamish rock climbing scene (Glenn Woodworth, Jim Baldwin, Hamish Mutch, ...)

• 1960s to early 1970s - Mapping and dozens of First Ascents in Coast Ranges by Dick Culbert and others

• 1960 First Canadian Ascent (and second overall) of Mt Logan East Ridge. Lead by Hans Gmoser (pro guide), featured 3 VOCers)

• 1964 First Canadian Himalayan Expedition (feat. Karl Ricker, Fred Roots, Don Lyon, John Ricker, Don Poole ...)

• 1964 First Ascent of Serra V (Waddington Range, Dick Culbert and Glenn Woodsworth)

• 1964 First Spearhead Traverse (Karl Ricker, Bert Port, Alastair MacDonald, Chris Gardner)

• 1965 Publication of Climber's Guide to the Coastal Ranges by Dick Culbert

• 1965 Mt Veeocee named in honor of VOC Contributions to exploring the area.

• 1965 First Ski Traverse from Bute Inlet to Pemberton via Compton Névé (Jane and Byron Olon, James Craig, Don Poole, Dennis Holden)

• 1965 First Canadian Expedition to Cordillera Blanca (Peru). First Ascent of Nevada Ranrapalca, 6,00 m (Gordie Dunham and Hamish Mutch)

• 1966 First Ascent of Mt Veeocee (Roland Burton, Peter Thompson, Peter Macek)

• 1966 First Ascent of University Wall, Squamish Chief (Tim Auger, Glenn Woodsworth, Dan Tate, Hamish Mutch)

• 1967 Publication of A Climber's Guide to the Squamish Chief and Surrounding Areas (Glenn Woodwsorth)

• 1968 Completion of VOC Whistler Ski Cabin (Karl Ricker, Byron Olson with help from many)

• 1969 Construction of Burton (Sphinx) Hut (led by Roland Burton)

Other activities

• Annual Sphinx Bay ski camps

• Long Hike

• Christmas Ski Trips

• Rock Schools

• Dam Downhill

• Environmental Activities: protecting Garibaldi Park, study of glaciers at Sentinel Bay

• Overhaul of Singing Pass Trail

• Active bildering on UBC Campus, and Capilano Dam






Topics to cover

  • Founding of the club
  • Huts
  • First nations perspective and interactions between the VOC and first nations. Contact Spencer Rasmussen/Lukas Schreiber/Vicky Alfred
  • Environmental impact and the VOC role in this.
  • Climbing Faces that were opened up by VOC (ex. Europa). Jeremy Frimer, etc.
  • Classic Trips, Dances, Old Traditions, Trends of the clubs in terms of preferred activities, demographic changes
  • Deaths in adventure,
  • VOC Babies and couples
  • Lists (presidents, award winners etc)
  • Timeline (as central page of book)
  • VOC membership per year, through the years
  • World map with routes discovered and explored by VOCers
  • Regional map with routes discovered and explored by VOCers
  • Life after the VOC
  • VOC Awards and Winners