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How to Register

Sign in to the VOCWiki on the log in page. You may need to create an account, which can be done from the log in page. Include your email address in your account information. It will not be exposed to the public but it will allow people to contact you with the "email this user" feature. Edit this Wiki page using the edit tab. Or just edit the subsection you want to change using the edit buttons to the right of each heading. See help:contents for help with editing the wiki. Add a line to the appropriate hut section with your registration. Include the following information:

  • The date you plan to use the hut
  • The size of your group. Do not describe your party size as "hut full". This isn't a very good descriptor - it's way too subjective. Try and give some real numbers, even if it's only an estimate or a range. We don't ask that you're so specific, but please try and estimate a number and update that to be as accurate as you can. VOC trips, in particular, can usually be found on the trip agenda - so if you are a VOC Member, you can see not only how many people are coming, but even what their names are and who's driving (if the organizer is keen they will have a link directly in the hut registration page).
  • Your contact information - your phone number, email address, or a link to your user or user:talk page (easily created with ~~~~ or ~~~). If you have registered your email with the VOCWiki, other people can contact you through your user:talk page without revealing your email address.

If your chosen date becomes too busy for your liking, you may move your registration to another date. Update your registration if any details about your group change. Remove your registration after your trip is complete.

If you know you will be at a VOC Hut at a given time please post here to let people know. It's the "right thing to do."

Remember - it's a registration not a reservation.

You are registering to tell people that you are going, but also to receive information in case the hut gets too full for your liking. That's why you need to include your contact information. Feel free to register far in advance, but remember that other people may plan trips on a different timescale (especially VOC types, who are categorically disorganized students).

VOC members are very tolerant of cramped conditions in our huts. If you would prefer to avoid crowded situations, please register below so the VOC and other users can contact you to coordinate use. The rule for VOC huts is that there is always room for one more (this works both ways).

We suggest non-VOC members give VOC a donation of $10 per person per night; you could send it to us or put it in the blue lock box inside the hut. This money is exclusively for goods to maintain the huts and their trails. All of the hard labor is done by volunteers.

If you are interested in doing trail work on your way up to any of the Huts the VOC has a complete set of Tools that you can freely borrow. View our complete inventory of tools at our Tool Inventory page.

Brew Hut Registration

The Brew Hut sleeps 12 in relative comfort. In a pinch there is enough space for 16 to sleep in the loft and 3 more on the sleeping bench downstairs, with nobody on the wet floor, but it's very tight. The current record is 22 people and a dog, set during Thanksgiving 2016.

There is a Coleman stove up there. It may not work. We do not supply fuel for it. If you are not familiar with Coleman stoves, don't use it. Bring your own cooking stove.

We now have solar lighting, which should provide ~8 hours of light, after charging with 20 hours of sunlight. Turn it on with the black button, and turn it off with the red button. It turns off every hour.

Please, for the love of goodness, use firewood sparingly. In summer 2014, VOC spent about $7k to fly in firewood, if we are careful it might last five years. This is not the place to make campfires. Unless the wind is howling, the snow is flying, and you are actually cold, don't light the wood-burning heater. If you're a strong party consider carrying up your own firewood. There's some cut and stacked at Brew Lake.

In early December 2015, the road at the R200 junction was "deactivated", with a log across the road. As of May 2016, road is once again open, 4WDHC, to TH.

Date: group of X, contact information (please maintain chronological order!)

  • 2016 December 9-11 Group of 9 non-VOC members. (davidroy514 at gmail dot com)
  • 2016 December 10-12 About 8 non-VOC members. ( babineaufabien @ gmail.com) + 3 non voc members (blaisesack @ gmail.com)
  • 2016 December 15-16 1 person, VOC ([email protected])
  • 2016 December 16-17 2 people, non-VOC. ([email protected])
  • 2016 December 17-18 group of 4 benSP and group of 3 non-VOC members ([email protected])
  • 2016 December 18-19 group of 12+ ACC Members ([email protected])
  • 2016 December 22-23 2 people, non-VOC ([email protected])
  • 2016 December 23-26 group of 5 non-VOC members (florian.baier82 at gmail dot com)
  • 2016 December 26-28 Group of 7 non-VOC members (deaddraw @ yahoo dot com)
  • 2016 December 29-30 Group of 5 non-VOC members (mjeugster @ gmail dot com)
  • 2016 December 31-1 Group of 10 non-VOC members. ( darlene dot seto @ gmail dot com)
  • 2016 December 31-Jan1 Group of 7 non-VOC members. (danielbagnall2 @ hotmail dot com)
  • 2017 January 6-9 Group of 5 non-VOC members. (markus dot reuhkala @ rogers dot com)
  • 2017 January 14-15 CROSSNA 20 people. Gloria([email protected])
  • 2017 January 20-22 Group of 12 non-VOC members. ( marc dot schutzbank at gmail dot com)
  • 2017 January 20-22 Group of 5 non-VOC members. ( daanmurray at gmail dot com)
  • 2017 January 28-29 Group of 10 non-VOC members. (smeurrens dot gmail dot com)
  • 2017 January 28-29 Group of 4 non-VOC members. ([email protected])
  • 2017 February 4-5 VOC club trip - full hut (contact will be listed in the new year)
  • 2017 February 11-13 Group of 16 non-VOC members. (ggassoc1 dot gmail dot com)
  • 2017 February 27-Mar2 group of 10 people and 1 dog ([email protected])
  • 2017 March 17-20 Group of 4 people (nickchng at popular search engine domain mail starting with g)
  • 2017 March 24-26 Group of 6 people ( janeheathermurray at gmail dot com)

Brian Waddington (Phelix) Hut Registration

The Brian Waddington Hut can handle about 24 people in the loft upstairs.

The hut no longer has Coleman stoves that burn naphtha, white gas, Coleman fuel. There is now a Propane Coleman Stove that burns propane in one-pound propane cylinders. The Club does not supply propane. Feel free to bring propane cylinders to the hut, feel free to use any that are left up there that still contain propane, but please haul out any empties. Of course you can always bring your own stove...

We discourage people from going up there between August 15 and October 15 as the grizzly bears up there need a little privacy at this time.

Date: group of X, contact information

  • 2016 December 17-18 Group of 3 non-VOCers - liam dot cook7 at gmail dot com
  • 2016 December 16-19 Group of 2 (or 4) VOCers - n.matwyuk at gmail dot com
  • 2016 December 21-Jan3 High use time over Christmas-New Years. Annual VOC trip to the hut around New Years where the hut will be filled with smelly, farting, singing VOCers. This is a time to consider bringing a tent, particularly if you don't like "cozy" sleeping quarters.
  • 2016 December 27-29 Group of 8 non-VOC; note: please let me know if this registration is not allowed, contact Sandy (email: sandyfoxall at gmail dot com).
  • 2016 December 30-Jan1 Group of 8-10 non-VOC, Justin Davies (email - [email protected])
  • 2016 December 30-2 Group of 2 non-VOC, contact Jamie ([email protected])
  • 2017 January 13-15 Group of 12 non-VOC - jrosen dot bc at gmail dot com
  • 2017 January 13-15 Group of 3 non-VOC - thomas dot Campagne at gmail dot com
  • 2017 February 11-13 4 voc alumni, Tyler Linn(email: [email protected])
  • 2017 February 11-13 a CROSSNA Group of 12,Gloria(email: [email protected]).
  • 2017 February 17-20 A group of 5, Robin, robin døt avery ªt gmail
  • 2017 February 18-20 Group of 5, Chris - chrisf dot trill @ gmail dot com

Burton Hut (Garibaldi Lake, or Sphinx Hut) Registration

The Burton Hut sleeps 10 comfortably and 15 is cozy. Make sure Garibaldi lake is frozen before you try to cross it. Typically it is frozen by the start of February.

This hut does not have a donation box, but we still maintain it, and your donation is welcome. In addition, if you stay at Sphinx, or anywhere in Garibaldi park, you must pay BC Parks $10 per person per night, even if you are a VOC membership-paying person. This may be paid online, the link is on the BC Parks/ Garibaldi website or go to: https://secure.camis.com/DiscoverCamping/Backcountry/Garibaldi?Map The penalty for not paying is $144 per person.

Date: group of X, contact information

  • 2017 February 18-26 large group of VOCers for Reading Week Ski Camp contact e dot skierszkan at gmail dot com

Harrison Hut Registration

The Harrison Hut sleeps 10 comfortably and 15 is cozy. Getting to the hut is difficult but is getting easier. Read more here: Harrison Hut route.

Please note there is active logging near the the trail-head. The Harrison Hut Trail is OPEN. Use EXTREME CAUTION on 4wd Spur. See Official Post here: Harrison Hut 2016 Summer Update

Date: group of X, contact information

Lizzie Creek Cabin Registration

Main article: Lizzie Creek Cabin

The Lizzie Creek Cabin sleeps 8 comfortably and 10-12 is cozy. Getting to the hut is difficult but a lot of trail clearing work was done summer of 2016. Note that the cabin was not built by, and is not currently maintained by VOC, but if you want to indicate that you will be using it, you are welcome to do so.

Date: group of X, contact information

  • 2017 February 10-13 Group of 8 non-VOC - jrosen dot bc at gmail dot com
  • 2016 Dec 28th - 2017 Jan 2nd Group of 6-7 non-VOC - dylan dot korba at gmail dot com

Keith's (Cerise Cr) Hut Registration

Note that Keith's Hut is not built or maintained by VOC, but if you want to indicate that you will be using it, you are welcome to do so. Most users do not register, so don't be surprised to find the hut full to bursting with people who did not register here. The Hut has space for 15 people, but very often over 25 people sleep all over the place, dogs included.

Date: group of X, contact information

Sentinal Bay Glaciology Hut Registration

The Sentinel Bay Glaciology Huts are not built or maintained by VOC, but if you want to indicate that you will be using it/them, you are welcome to do so.

Date: group of X, contact information