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==Official Website==
It has finally arrived our website is up and running(although some work is still being done on it)
VOCO is UBC Okanagan's chapter of VOC. We are the student outdoors club at UBC Okanagan. We do anything outdoors that our members can think of, from ski touring to climbing to horseback riding.
[http://www.ubco-voco.com/ http://www.ubco-voco.com/]
Check us out on [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2322937014 Facebook].
We also have a blog up and running as well which can be seen here: [http://vocojournals.blogspot.com]
Check our our website at:
==Welcome to the VOC O page==
[http://www.ubco-voco.com/ www.ubco-voco.com]
Climb, hike, back country ski, mountaineer.........And you live in the Okanagan......
Join our club on Facebook:
Come join the Varsity Outdoor Club Okanagan. Contact one of the executive below to sign up and join.  Or, come by Fipke 340 to see Craig Nichol.  Memberships are $30/year (and are valid until Oct 31st 2009) for students, $45 for faculty, staff and non-student significant others.
[https://www.facebook.com/groups/295704977123509/ VOCO Facebook Page]
With our website up and running - look for learn-to-climb days while the sun is still out, and some back country skiing once the snow starts.
===Fall 2008===
'''Sept 17th (10am - 4pm)''' Club and Course union days in the Courtyard, come check out the club if you have any questions or just want to sign up.
'''Sept 18th (4pm-7pm)''' First VOCO get together,for those of you that have registered we are having a barbaque next to the gym behind the basketball courts.  Come out for a burger and learn more about the club and what is happening this year.
'''Sept 27th and 28th''' Intro to Rock Climbing, we are heading down to Skaha on Saturday morning for a day of climbing and then camping out at the lake, followed by a day of climbing on Sunday. Whether you have experience or not come on out and enjoy a weekend of fun. If you are intersted send us an e-mail no later than Wednesday the 24, and while fill you in with the rest of the details.
'''Oct 19th:''' MEC Gear Swap,if anyone is interested in heading down to Vancouver for 2 days, you'll have the opportunity to pick up some cheap/used gear.  If anyone is intersted send an e-mail to '''[email protected]'''
'''Oct 25th and 26th:''' Climbing weekend/meet and greet with our VOC buddies, it will be a two day overnight camping event, if you are intersted at all please e-mail us and will let you know more about this.
'''Oct 29th: (7pm-10pm)''' VOCO is hosting this years Teton Gravity Research brand new ski movie " Under the Influance" Tickets are just 10$(12 at the door)and it's all happening at the Kelowna Community Theatre.  Come out and support the club and have fun while doing it. All proceeds are going towards VOCO.
'''Nov 8th to 11th:''' Smith Rocks Climbing trip down to Oregon, More details to follow
===Winter 2009===
'''January 17-18th:''' Intro to backcountry skiing being organized by Nick, location and times and all the other important information will becoming to you in the near future, aswell this is all dependent on snow condidtions so keep those fingers crossed!
'''Avalanche course:''' this is being offered for 2 weekends in Jan so if you are interested please email '''cunningham.[email protected].com''' if you like to sign up or find out more. Space on this is limited so the sooner you do this the better.
Intro Avalanche course, talk to dylan if you want to sign up
Another ski trip???
'''March 6th-8th:''' Snowcaving Trip with Rob Feeny, somewhere around Big White Depending on Snow Conditions....If you are interested just send the club and e-mail and you shall be hooked up with the details.
Also on '''April 19th''' there is the Ski2 Sea Race (from Big White to Kelowna) if you are interested in being a part of the VOCO team, just e-mail the club for details on that as well. This is being organized by James Earl
*'''March ???''': 36 hours of adrenaline
*'''March ???''': End of year banquet
'''''Any other trip ideas are welcome!!'''''
==Books and Gear==
We are starting a book/map library and a supply of gear available for members to rent/borrow.  If you have any books or gear you are willing to donate to help us out, let us know. You can view all our gear and books on the website
==Club Executive==
**Nick Therrien
*Vice President
**Dylan Cunningham
**Natalie Melaschenko
**Dave Donnelly
*Membership Coordinator:
**Rob Feeney
**Neil Schroeder
*Events Coordinator
**Ivan Melisek
==General Contact Info==
[mailto:[email protected] ubcvoco at gmail.com]

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VOCO is UBC Okanagan's chapter of VOC. We are the student outdoors club at UBC Okanagan. We do anything outdoors that our members can think of, from ski touring to climbing to horseback riding.

Check our our website at:


Join our club on Facebook:

VOCO Facebook Page