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Next Meeting

The next event will be:

Wednesday October 4th at 11:30 - 2:30 in the Courtyard on Campus

Purpose: BBQ to accompany the Storm the Wall event - another chance to sign up!!

Welcome to the VOC O page

Climb, hike, back country ski, mountaineer.........And you live in the Okanagan......

Come join the Varsity Outdoor Club Okanagan. Contact one of the executive below to sign up and join. Or, come by Science 217 to see Craig Nichol. Memberships are $30/year (sign up to Oct 31st 2007) for students, $45 for faculty, staff and non-student significant others.

Once we have our web site up and running - look for learn-to-climb days while the sun is still out, and some back country skiing once the snow starts. Events so far:

Tuesday October 10th - come learn how to navigate in the back country. Details coming soon. On campus, likely 6 or 7 pm.

Wednesday October 25th: Will Gadd: The Students' Union is having an event in the Cage at 11 -1pm and we are sponsoring. Canada's top ice climber and paraglider, Will Gadd is also one of the world's top extreme athletes. Don't miss his riveting presentation.

October ?? - Learn to climb - the indoor version. A learn to climb night, and a visit to Beyond the Crux gym.

October 28/29 - Learn to Climb - Skaha. The VOC Vancouver is coming to visit Skaha for their annual trip. We will try to be there to climb as well.

We are starting a book/map library and a supply of gear available for members to rent/borrow. If you have any books or gear you are willing to donate to help us out, let us know.

Club Executive

President: Valencia Cossachi

                [email protected]

Vice President:

Treasurer 1: Sharon Watson

                 [email protected]

Treasurer 2: Tzu-Yie Koo

                 [email protected]

Secretary 1: Wes Lord

                 [email protected]

Secretary 2: Claire Senior

                 [email protected]

GearMaster 1: Kellie Leedham

                 [email protected]

GearMaster 2: Graham McDonald

                 [email protected]

Webmaster: Shawn Vanboven

                 [email protected]

General Contact Info

[email protected]