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Welcome to the VOC O page

Climb, hike, back country ski, mountaineer.........And you live in the Okanagan......

Come join the Varsity Outdoor Club Okanagan. Contact one of the executive below to sign up and join. Or, come by Science 217 to see Craig Nichol. Memberships are $30/year (sign up to Oct 31st 2007) for students, $45 for faculty, staff and non-student significant others.

Once we have our web site up and running - look for learn-to-climb days while the sun is still out, and some back country skiing once the snow starts.


Nov. 4th: ACC Penticton Trip- for those who haven't seen the email from Valen that went around about this, here it is: Hey guys! Just a quick note about the Alpine Club Annual General Meeting this weekend. So we are allowed to go and participate in all the workshops and the slide show in the evening. Anyone who is going to be staying for dinner keep in mind that it is a potlatch dinner. For anyone who is wanting to to go there will be a meeting on Friday afternoon at 12:30 in the Cage (downstairs coffee place). This meeting will be to arrange carpools as and anything else for the weekend. Hope to see you all there. Cheers, Valen PS: If you are interested in joining us this weekend at apex for the ACC AGM please let me know...if there are more than 25 people interested in going and staying overnight then I need to let the ACC know.

November 5th: Learn To Climb Day This Sunday 1pm at the climbing gym (The CRUX). This will be lots of fun, hope to a bunch of you can make it.... we would like to have 10 people at least show as we are getting a good deal from Mike there at the gym. Oh yes, we are also getting certified and passes for the gym this day so if you want to do any climbing in the future it would be a really good idea to come out!

Nov. 8th: Wednesday "CLIFF HANGER" movie & PIZZA NIGHT 5$ @ Monashee room 262 (Graham's place) 6:30ish. Bring friends who might be interested in the VOC if you like and B.Y.O.B ;)

Nov. 11th Long Weekend: There are a bunch of climbers (many from VOC Van) meeting down across the boarder in Smith Rocks Oregon over this weekend (remember we have mini midterm break on the 14th which makes for an extra long longweekend!) Check out www.smithrocks.org for more info or talk to Craig as he is headed down there for the weekend.

Nov. 16th We are planning a fundraiser "Pizza Lunch" 12-2 in both the Science and Arts buildings for this day... helpers are needed! Drop a line if you can come by for any amount of time and sling some pizza!

Nov. 21st: "Getting Ready for the White Stuff" Yes, it's almost time to hit the slopes, so we are planning to get together for a ski/board repair night. Location is Brendon's garage (at least at this point) and the time is yet to be determined... stay tuned for more info.

Nov. 26th: Finally, we'll wrap the month with a Potluck dinner @ Craig's House following a day of wild and crazy winter activities up at Big White!

) As you can tell, I am very stoked about the arrival of the snow!

There will be more info coming in the next couple weeks.

Books and Gear

We are starting a book/map library and a supply of gear available for members to rent/borrow. If you have any books or gear you are willing to donate to help us out, let us know.

Club Executive

President: Valencia Cossachi

                valencosa (at) hotmail.com

Vice President:

Treasurer 1: Sharon Watson

                 sharonwatson (at) hotmail.com

Treasurer 2: Tzu-Yie Koo

                 tzuzel (at) hotmail.com

Secretary 1: Wes Lord

                 weslord (at) weslord.com

Secretary 2: Claire Senior

                 clairesenior (at) gmail.com

GearMaster 1: Kellie Leedham

                 pips79 (at) hotmail.com

GearMaster 2: Graham McDonald

                 Frost_eh (at) hotmail.com

Webmaster: Shawn Vanboven

                 powdersnowboarder (at) hotmail.com

General Contact Info

okanagan (at) ubc-voc.com