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==Table of Contents==
==Table of Contents==
[Barrett's Privateers]
*[[Barrett's Privateers]]
[Proud Mary]
*[[Proud Mary]]
[Scarborough Fair]
*[[Scarborough Fair]]

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We all love the VOC Songbook, but it's not perfect. The purpose of this wiki page to to track proposed changes to the VOC Songbook so that a future printing of the songbook can be as good as possible. Each song should have it's own page that contains the lyrics and Guitar chords for that song only. This way, corrections can be managed on a song by song basis. Please make use of the discussion feature on these wiki pages to discuss the proposed changes.

Table of Contents

Additions and Removals

know a good song that should be in the songbook? Is there a song in the songbook that nobody knows the tune to and never gets sung? Add it to the list here with a good reason.