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We all love the VOC Songbook, but it's not perfect.  The purpose of this wiki page to to track proposed changes to the VOC Songbook so that a future printing of the songbook can be as good as possible.  Each song should have it's own page that contains the lyrics and Guitar chords for that song only.  This way, corrections can be managed on a song by song basis.  Please make use of the discussion feature on these wiki pages to discuss the proposed changes.
The VOC Songbook is a time-honored tradition of members singing fun songs outdoors (with varying degrees of success). The current edition is the [[VOC Songbook 2015]] which you can come and grab a copy for $5 during [[Gear Hours]] in the [[Clubroom]].
==Table of Contents 1999 Songbook==
*[[Adia]] - Sara Mclachlan
*[[All I Really Want]] - Alanis Morissette
*[[American Pie]] - Don McLean
*[[Barrett's Privateers]] - Stan Rogers
*[[Black Boys on Mopeds]] - Sinead O'Connor
*[[Blowin' in the Wind]] - Bob Dylan
*[[Blue Suede Shoes]] -
*[[Bohemian Rhapsody]] - Queen
*[[Both Sides Now]] - Joni Mitchell
*[[the Boxer]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[the Sporto]] - VOCer
*[[Brown Eyed Girl]] - Van Morrison
*[[California Dreaming]] - The Momas & Popas
*[[Can't Help Falling in Love]] - Elvis Presley
*[[Cats in the Cradle]] - Ugly Kid Joe
*[[Cecilia]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[Closer To Fine]] - Indigo Girls
*[[Cryin']] -
*[[Dark Angel]] - Blue Rodeo
*[[Dee, Dee Dee]] - Ernie the muppet
*[[Down on the Corner]] - Credence Clearwater Revival
*[[Dust in the Wind]] - Kansas
*[[El Condor Pasa]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[Father and Son]] - Cat Stevens
*[[The 59th Street Bride Song]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[5 Days in May]] - Blue Rodeo
*[[Free Fallin']] - Tom Petty
*[[From Hank to Hendrix]] - Neil Young
*[[The Gambler]] - Kenny Rogers
*[[Galileo]] - Indigo Girls
*[[Gililgan's Island Theme]]
*[[Good Day Sunshine]] - Lennon/McCartney
*[[Have you ever seen the Rain]] - Credence Clearwater Revival
*[[Heart of Gold]] - Neil Young
*[[Help!]] - Lennon/McCartney
*[[Here comes the Sun]] - The Beatles
*[[Hey Jude]] - The Beatles
*[[Home for a Rest]] - Kelly/Mann
*[[Hotel California]] - The Eagles
*[[House of the Rising Sun]]
*[[I am a Rock]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[Ice Cream]] - Sarah McLachlan
*[[I'm Gonna be (500 Miles)]] - Proclaimers
*[[Into the Great Wide Open]] - Tom Petty
*[[Ironic]] - Alanis Morissette
*[[It Ain't Me Babe]] - Bob Dylan
*[[Joking]] - Indigo Girls
*[[Knockin' on Heaven's Door]] - Bob Dylan
*[[The Lady in Red]] -
*[[Least Complicated]] - Indigo Girls
*[[Leaving on a Jet Plane]] - John Denver
*[[Like a Rolling Stone]] - Bob Dylan
*[[Lily the Pink]] - Irish Rovers
*[[Livin' on a Prayer]] - Bon Jovi
*[[Lola]] - Ray Davies
*[[Lost Together]] - Blue Rodeo
*[[Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds]] - The Beatles
*[[Maxwell's Silver Hammer]] - Lennon/McCartney
*[[Me & Bobbdy McGee]] - Kris Kristofferson
*[[(Good Old) Mountain Dew]] -
*[[Mt. Tambourine Man]] - Bob Dylan
*[[Mrs. Robinson]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[My Girl]] -
*[[New Kid in Town]]
*[[New York, New York]] - Frank Sinatra
*[[No Woman No Cry]] - Bob Marley
*[[Northwest Passage]] - Stan Rogers
*[[OB-LA-DI OB-LA-DA]] - The Beatles
*[[Oh Pretty Woman]] - Roy Orbison
*[[Piano Man]] - Billy Joel
*[[Pocahontas]] - Neil Young
*[[Proud Mary]] - Credence Clearwater Revival
*[[Puff the Magic Dragon]] - Peter, Paul and Mary
*[[Revolution]] - The Beatles
*[[Rockin' in the Free World]] - Neil Young
*[[Scarborough Fair]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[Sesame Street Theme]] -
*[[Sgt. Pepper's Lonley Hearts Club Band]] - The Beatles
*[[Slip Sliding Away]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[Sounds of Silence]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[Stand By Me]] - Ben E. King
*[[Still Crazy After All These Years]] - Simon & Garfunkel
*[[Strong Enough]] - Sheryl Crow
*[[Susie Q]] - Credence Clearwater Revival
*[[Sweet Child O' Mine]] - Guns 'n' Roses
*[[Sweet Home Alabama]] - Leonard Skynner
*[[Take Me Home Country Road]]
*[[Talkin' Bout a Revolution]] - Tracy Chapman
*[[Tears in Heaven]] - Eric Clapton
*[[Turn, Turn, Turn]] - Seekers
*[[Wake up Little Suzie]] - Everly Brothers
*[[Wanted Dead or Alive]] - Bon Jovi
*[[Where Do the Children Play?]] - Cat Stevens
*[[Wild World]] - Cat Stevens
*[[High World]] - VOcer
*[[Wish You Were Here]] - Pink Floyd
*[[Yellow Submarine]] - The Beatles
*[[You've Got a Friend]] - James Taylor
==Additions and Removals==
know a good song that should be in the songbook?  Is there a song in the songbook that nobody knows the tune to and never gets sung?  Add it to the list here with a good reason.
===Songs to Add===
* [[The Skier]] (to the tune of the Gambler - see the Brew Hut logbook)
* Tin Soldier (was in old songbook but not in 1999 version)
* Summertime (Gershwin)
* Build me up Buttercup (fun, easy to sing)
* Wagon wheel (Old crow medicine show)
* Don't Think Twice It's Alright (Bob Dylan)
* The Outdoor Type (The Lemonheads)
* The cat came back (?)
* I would do anything to ski, by Matthew Carroll
* Caviar - See old VOC song book
* Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
* Shelter From the Storm (Bob Dylan)
* Son of a preacher man (Dusty Springfield, great to sing along)
* Me and Bobby McGee ( Janis Joplin, classic)
* We've got tonight ( Bob Seger)
* One love ( Bob Marley, because that is what all is about)
* Redemption song ( Bob Marley, everyone knows it)
* Fast Car ( Tracy Chapman)
* Ain't no sunshine (Bill Withers)
* Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding)
* Free Bird ( Lynyrd Skynyrd)
* Get up stand up (Bob Marley, because you can sing and jump around at the same time)
==== The black cover ====
* Taking Care of Business
* Twist and Shout
* Wind of Change
* You and I
* Take It Easy
* American Woman
* Blister In the Sun
===Songs to Remove===
All the Indigo Girls songs. Nobody sings them as the melodies are too subtle and they require harmonies to sound good.
==Past Editions==
==Past Editions==
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*[[Media:1983%20VOC%20Songbook.pdf|1983 VOC Songbook]]
*[[Media:1983%20VOC%20Songbook.pdf|1983 VOC Songbook]]
*[[Media:1993%20VOC%20Songbook.pdf|1993 VOC Songbook]] (Special VOC 75th Anniversary)
*[[Media:1993%20VOC%20Songbook.pdf|1993 VOC Songbook]] (Special VOC 75th Anniversary)
*[[Media:1999%20VOC%20Songbook.pdf|1999 VOC Songbook]]
*[[Media:1999%20VOC%20Songbook.pdf|1999 VOC Songbook]] and it's [http://www.ubc-voc.com/wiki/VOC_Songbook_1999 wiki page]
*[[2013 VOC Songbook]]
*[[2013 VOC Songbook]]

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The VOC Songbook is a time-honored tradition of members singing fun songs outdoors (with varying degrees of success). The current edition is the VOC Songbook 2015 which you can come and grab a copy for $5 during Gear Hours in the Clubroom.

Past Editions

Past editions are available online in pdf format.