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*[[Discounts for VOC Trip Organizers]]
*[[Discounts for VOC Trip Organizers]]

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Being a member of the VOC gives you many priviledges, including a variety of discounts at local and international (ok, well, maybe in the future) establishments!

Here is a list of places to check out!

  • Richmond Olympic Oval (ROO) climbing wall: You go to the front desk, say you're here to climb for the day and mention that you're from the VOC. They'll look up your name to see if you're on the list, then give you the discount. You pay approximately $10, which is pretty low compared to other climbing gyms.
  • Intuition Liners The best thermo-moldable ski (and mountaineering) boot liners going. Tell them you're with the VOC and they might give you a break. Legend has it that providing nude photos of yourself in outdoorsy locations can help.
  • Crown Skis This up and coming local ski manufacturer has offered discounts to VOC members in the past.
  • Famous Foods Famous Foods is the place to buy dried foods and ingredients for your lightweight backcountry meals in Vancouver. You should be able to get a 10% discount for large expedition purchases (> $100).
  • ACC Student members of the VOC can get a free ACC membership, which gives them a 15% discount at the Canmore clubhouse, amongst other benefits. Some more details are available on the membership page.
  • MEC Occasionally the VOC organizes a special club shopping night at MEC where we can get a 10% discount on all purchases. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for information about the next event.
  • Icebraker often has special sales for VOC. Watch for announcements.
  • Westcomb has in the past had sales of samples, discontinued, and stock items. Watch for announcements.
  • Sitka Surfboards Sitka Surfboards is a surf and skateboard store. You will get 15% off Sitka clothing and 10% off everything else, except surfboards. This deal is for the flagship store, located at 1864 West 4th Avenue in Vancouver. All you need is to show you VOC membership card.
  • Blicard Industries Blicard is providing a 15% discount to VOC members. This Vancouver company has belay glasses and other climbing accessories. See the message board thread for the coupon code.