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Being a member of the VOC gives you many priviledges, including a variety of discounts at local and international (ok, well, maybe in the future) establishments!

Here is a list of places to check out!

  • Intuition Liners The best thermo-moldable ski (and mountaineering) boot liners going. Tell them you're with the VOC and they might give you a break. Legend has it that providing nude photos of yourself in outdoorsy locations can help.
  • Crown Skis This up and coming local ski manufacturer has offered discounts to VOC members in the past.
  • Famous Foods Famous Foods is the place to buy dried foods and ingredients for your lightweight backcountry meals in Vancouver. You should be able to get a 10% discount for large expedition purchases (> $100).
  • ACC Student members of the VOC can get a free ACC membership, which gives them a 15% discount at the Canmore clubhouse, amongst other benefits. Some more details are available on the membership page.
  • MEC Occasionally the VOC organizes a special club shopping night at MEC where we can get a 10% discount on all purchases. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for information about the next event.