Veenstra harness design

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Are you seriously considering making your own harness via instructions you found on the internet?!? Sketchy. Probably just reading this increases your chances of serious personal injury or death.

Nobody makes any claims that this design will work - you should read over the instructions carefully and decide for yourself whether or not to trust your life to the design. If you're not comfortable with that, then cough up the small amount of money it costs to simply purchase a harness which has been tested by the UIAA. This harness hasn't been tested by anybody who knows anything about harness construction, and should be assumed highly sketchy.

Basic Idea

This is an ultralight harness designed for ski touring and such. It's basically a glorified diaper sling. This has the advantage over (many) commercial harnesses in that you don't need to take your feet (or skis) off the ground to put it on. It's also fairly light at ~200g, but not as light as some harnesses.



  • 5m x 1" webbing (434cm is how much I needed, including knots. If you're bigger than me you may need more - I have a 32" waist.)
  • 2 pairs of 3/4" plastic locking buckles (yes, 3/4" buckles to be used on your 1" webbing)
  • ~20cm of elastic webbing (1", 3/4", or 1/2")
  • 1x plastic locking buckle for the elastic webbing (must be ladderlock-style adjustable on at least one side)
  • ~1m of 2-3mm cord for the ass-to-leg loop string and gear loops.