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Every club member is supposed to do a workhike before borrowing any club gear. Typically, there are lots of people who want to do workhikes in the fall, but no execs keen enough to organize them. Here are some ideas for workhikes that typically happen. Some of these require a big group effort, and some are more individual oriented.

VOCJ Indexing

This is an ongoing project, and an easy workhike that can be done anytime. All you have to do is read an edition of the VOC Journal, and then build an index for the articles. Record your index, and the table of contents, here in the Wiki, on the VOC Journal index page. Because the wiki is so accessible, you can do this workhike anywhere, anytime.

Ski tune ups

Typically a ski tune up night is held in October before the snow really starts to fall. This is usually a big group effort organized by the Quartermasters.

Lead a trip

For some, this is the easiest workhike. Just post and organize a VOC trip. It can be a casual day trip, a weeklong epic or anything in between - your choice. The trip has to be publicly posted on the bulletin board to count though.