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VOCene #5 - 1 September 2004

Thunderstorms in Vancouver?! Whatever next...

Upcoming Trips


The annual VOC Mountaineering Camp will take place this weekend (Sept 4-6) at Railroad Pass. Railroad pass is located on the Hurley River Road 57km from Pemberton. There are many possibilities for adventure from walk ups and scrambles to glacier travel and technical climbing. Whilst this is not an instructional trip, there will be experienced members on hand to give help and guidance (if you want to learn glacier travel come to Glacier School instead!).

Full details are on the wiki:


Glacier School will be held next weekend (Sept 11-12) at the Anniversary Glacier. If you'd like to learn how to travel on glaciers safely, this is for you. Topics covered will include snow and ice anchors, self arrest technique, glacier travel and crevasse rescue.

Participants are expected to have all personal backcountry hiking/camping equipment. Limited amounts of climbing hardware (ice axes, crampons, etc) will be available through the VOC, but some people will have to rent gear from other sources.

Everyone coming to glacier school must also attend "dry school". This will be held on Thursday September 9 (location TBA). At dry school we will arrange car groups and teach some basic rope skills.

Students should sign up on the sheet outside the clubroom, instructors should contact Tom.

Contact Tom Chen 

Club News


As you may be aware, the BC government is considering a proposal to build a gondola to the summit of the Chief. The proposal that has been put forward by a group of Whistler developers includes 14-16 tram towers carrying 880 passengers per hour to the second summit, where there will be a hectare area fenced off for a restaurant and viewing deck. The route starts between Shannon Falls and the backside trail, and passes over the Bulletheads, Tantalus Wall and the backside of the South Summit on it's way to the centre summit. Though this would contravene the commitment to no mechanised access set out in the 1997 park management plan, the Ministry of Water, Land and Air protection has "informed the proponents that they may choose to seek community support for an amendment to the management plan". It is important that we as the community make our voices heard. You can do this by writing to the concerned officials:

Bill Barisoff, Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection
P.O. Box 9047, St'n. Prov. Gov't.
Victoria, B.C.
Canada V8W 9E2
(250) 387-1187, or

Gordon Campbell, Premier
P.O. Box 9041, St'n. Prov. Gov't.
Victoria, B.C.
Canada V8W 9E1
Phone (250) 387-1715, or

Ian Sutherland, Mayor
District of Squamish
P.O. Box 310
Squamish, B.C.
Canada V0N 3G0
Phone 1-877-892-5217, or


It's a new school year and it's time to renew your VOC membership (if you haven't already done so). Memberships expire at the end of September. Swing by the clubroom some weekday between noon and 1pm and hassle your favorite exec until he/she takes your money. Membership fees are $30/year and benefits are too many to list here.

Trip Reports

Please send trip reports to

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club
Room 29A, Student Union Building

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