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Date : 2016-11-29
Description : VOCene #31 2016
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Adventures make one late for dinner.
Photo of the Week: Sunrise in Taylor Meadows this past Sunday. Picture taken by Birgit Rogalla.
Submit your trip reports to the VOC journal! The details of the submission guidelines are found here: VOCJ59 ( . The encouraged deadline is January 15th.
Upcoming Trips

Slideshow: Stuart and Spencer find adventure (
November 29 --- ESB 2012
Hear more about a three week long kayaking/bushwacking adventure.

Brew Winter Workhike (
December 3-5 --- Brew hut
Ski in to Brew Hut and help with some hut work.

Advanced beginner-friendly trip to Coq/Duffey (
December 3 --- To be determined
This could be a weekend ski trip (Sat-Sun) or a 1.5 day trip (Friday night camping-Saturday day trip), depending on people's preferences and the weather/snow forecast.

Snowshoe extravaganza (
December 4 --- Red Heather
Day-trip of snowshoeing up to Red Heather hut and surrounding area.

Wilderness First Aid practice Session (
December 7 --- VOC clubroom
Review your first aid skills and try some new techniques. It'll likely be both entertaining and informative.

12th annual Jared Stanley memorial lecture (
December 7 --- ESB 2012
In January 2005, Jared Stanley, a UBC student, passed away while back country skiing on Mount Seymour. An annual memorial lecture was held for the first couple of years after Jared's death. The VOC decided to adopt the lecture series and every year since, the VOC has hosted the Jared Stanley Memorial Lecture: this year's will be the 12th installment.

AST 1 Plus [block 1] (
December 10 - 11
Register for Avalanche Skills Training.
Past Trips
Ms. Manners enjoys sharing your trip pictures. Please send them her way (so that she doesn't have to harrass you to get them)!
Trip reports:
* Skwawka River Horseshoe (
* A tribute to poor snow, an old van, and an excellent weekend (
* A week in the Bugaboos (

Turns at Helm Creek:  Snow started on the road to the trailhead! Several trees were down on the trail and there was plenty of snow. Saturday afternoon was beacon practice and Sunday people got turns in. Pictures taken by Birgit Rogalla.

Mt. Seymour day trip: It was raining hard at the parking lot, so the group set out without skis, went up to Brockton and then had lunch. Seymour should be open soon!
Message Board Notes
* Herding cats and other hobbies (,120629)
* Tree well and snow immersion suffocation (
* Bunch of gear for sale (,120623)
* Intuition liners - 30% discount (,120645)
* Modeling snow bridge collapse (,120605)
* FS gear (,120617)
* Requesting assistance for snowpack survey fieldwork (,120616)

Ms. Manners
Hey Ms. Manners,
I lost my skins because of the ridiculously deep powder! It's a weekend trip, so there's still a lot of uphill left to do. Is there any way I can MacGuyver something together that'll work until I get off the mountain?

Dear MacGuyver,
You most certainly can. There are multiple options:
* Tie branches to the bottom of your skis using Voile straps
* Acquire yourself some glacier skis; especially easy in the spring. Basically, ski through snow covered in pine needles and get your bases covered with resin to provide extra grip.
* Sigh and boot pack/swim through the deep snow.

Good luck! And remember, always keep smiling.
Ms. Manners
Ms. Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette. Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms. Manners.

VOCene #31, Nov. 29 2016

Ye Olde VOC:
A weekly recollection of the past of the club.

Read more about what past VOC members have been uptohere. (
Quote of the Week:

"Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time."
— Terry Pratchett


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