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Date : 2016-10-04
Description : VOCene #23 2016
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Adventures make one late for dinner.
Photo of the Week: Tundra Lake in early September on the Stein Valley traverse. Picture taken by Elisa Bjerre. Read the trip report here ( .
GENERAL MEETING (,119849) : A general meeting will take place at the beginning of the Rock Party pre-trip meeting. The point of this 10 minute meeting will be to update the constitution to reflect new timing of the AGM and correct previous definitions of membership.
Upcoming Trips

The Mountain-Ready Workout (
October 4/6 --- UBC campus (tonight!)
Interval training workout.

Wilderness First Aid practice session (
October 5 (before the slideshow)
Come for some scenario practices!

Slideshow: bike touring the Hebrides (
October 5 --- ESB 2012
Join Mike and Lizzy in sharing their awesome Scotland adventure!

Rock climbing in Skaha  (
October 7 - 10 --- Skaha/Penticton
The Skaha bluffs are right next to Penticton, about 4 hours away East of Vancouver, and it's mostly sport climbing; there are a few nice trad routes too.

Thanksgiving on wheels (
October 8 - 10 --- Nanaimo
Join for some moderate friendly bike touring on the island!

Thanksgiving at Brew (
October 8 - 10 --- Brew hut
Spend Thanksgiving with good food, drink mulled wine, learn to take fantastic photos, and much more!

VOC fall gearswap (
October 12 --- IKB 261 @ 6.30pm
Buy & sell outdoor gear to each other

Rock party ( & General meeting (
Pre-trip at 6pm, October 13
Past Trips
Ms. Manners enjoys sharing your trip pictures. Please send them her way (so that she doesn't have to harrass you to get them)!
Trip reports: Stein Valley traverse ( !
Harvest hustle and post-run feast: This year, the Harvest Hustler's had perfect blue skies for their trail half marathon. They enjoyed some of the best mountain bike trails in the lower Seymour area as well as old classics like the Baden Powell. The run was followed by a feast - well deserved after 1 km of elevation gain! Checkout the run on Strava ( .
Lizzie Creek Workhike: Friday evening three car loads headed up to the Lizzie creek area and set up tents by the cabin of a very kind UBC philosophy professor. The trail was further cleared (lots was done by a group from the province in the past few weeks), holes were patched up in the hut, and more firewood was cut. Pictures & trip report will be posted later.
Tantalus Range camp: 16 VOCers went up to the Tantalus Range on Saturday in miserable rain, but happily climbed various peaks (Iota, Pelobes) around Lake Lovely Water on Sunday. The jetboat engine broke on the way back, so two canoes were needed. Amin and the first Nation fisherman also had a not so pleasant encounter with a male grizzly. Picture of gearing up to cross the cable by Emily Kuang.
Message Board Notes
* Eldred Valley logging (,119866)
* FS: WFA 90 hour voucher (,119863)
* VOC general meeting (,119849)
* Room in Point Grey house (,119853)
* VOCJ59: want to edit? (,119258)  & alumni updates (,119825)
* Wendy Thompson hut reservations (,119791)
* Fall gearswap (,119715)
* Spearhead huts fundraising soiree (,119783)
* Volcanic activity at Mt. Meager (,119799)

Ms. Manners
Dear Ms Manners,
I'm a busy student and I only have time for about three trips per year with VOC, what with my time in the Sailing Club, and my Dungeons 'n Dragons addiction. How can I tell if a trip is "Hot" or not?

Dear Cuddles,
This is an important question and you've come to the right place. First, what constitutes a Hot trip? A Hot trip is one you wished you'd gone on. If there's no room, or you can't get a ride, you are probably dealing with a Hot trip.  If it's "by invitation only", almost for sure it is a Hot trip.  If you didn't hear about it until after it happened, it is/was definitely Hot, but it's not going to do you any good now.
If the organizer is keen about the trip this is a sign you are dealing with a Hot trip. In addition, the trip should actually be possible, though not too possible, we need a challenge. Trips involving extremes of exertion, such as 2000 vertical meters of bushwhacking, or climbing the Lions self-propelled is a special type of Hot Trip, which you may want to avoid. Though there's a lot of enthusiasm, these people are specialists. If you still don't understand, check out most of Jeff Mottershed's Adventures.
A trip probably isn't Hot if the organizer has made prior commitments, has no idea how he's going to get the party to the trail head, can't think of a single reason to go, doesn't like anybody on the trip, and so on.
I hope that helps, and good luck on your Dungeons 'n Dragons addiction.
Ms. Manners (from the past)
Ms. Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette. Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms. Manners.

VOCene #23, October 4 2016

Ye Olde VOC:
A weekly recollection of the past of the club.
LongHike (now called Rock Party) dates back to at least 1954, although at that time the trip was a hike and not a rock climbing school. In 1960 prospective Members of the Varsity Outdoor Club were required to complete a Long Hike before being voted into the Club.
Quote of the Week:
This week instead of a quote, we have an anonymous ransom note:
"Cassandra, your granola is being held hostage by one of the members in the white house (clue: not the VOCene editor)."

Weekly recipe:
Every now and then I'll include a recipe from the VOC wiki ( here. Try them out and share yours!
Tip of the Week:
Walkie talkies sometimes do not work in trees.


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