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Date : 2016-09-13
Description : VOCene #20 2016
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Adventures make one late for dinner.
Photo of the Week: Glacier School at Cypress! Picture taken by Isobel Mouat.
Have you noticed overcrowding, lack of maintenance and environmental issues in BC parks? Let the provincial government know that BC Parks needs adequate funding.

You can share a photo of areas in BC parks that are overcrowded, unsafe, or in a state of disrepair on social media using #SaveBCParks to gain attention.

Check out the FMCBC website (  for more info!
Upcoming Trips

The Mountain-Ready Workout (
September 13 --- UBC campus (tonight!)
Interval training workout! Meant for all levels of fitness.

Clubroom clean-up ( (workhike)
September 13 -- VOC clubroom (tonight!)
Help clean up the club room and complete a workhike.

VOC Barbeque (
September 14 --- Locarno Beach
Meet people, discuss trip ideas, eat.

Tantalus range camp (
September 17 - 18 --- Tantalus range
Join for some technical climbing or scrambling in the Tantalus range.

Mt Macfarlane hike  ( (Intermediate friendly)
September 17 - 18 --- Nearby Chilliwack
A lovely overnight hike/scramble with a long up hill to get there.

Annual Black Tusk trail run (
September 17 --- Garibaldi Provincial Park
Another year, another run! Enjoy the wonderful meadows in Garibaldi by running through them.

Royal romp up Crown (  (Beginner friendly)
September 17 --- Crown Mountain via Hanes Valley trail
Hike and eat desserts.

Swan Falls loop ( (Beginner friendly)
September 18 --- Swan Falls
Take a break from your first couple weeks of classes and head up to Buntzen Lake (Port Moody) for a wicked hike!
Past Trips
Ms. Manners enjoys sharing your trip pictures. Please send them her way (so that she doesn't have to harrass you to get them)!
Trip reports:
* Crevasse rescue practice ( June 2016
* Harrison Hut ( over the September long weekend
* Inspiration in the clouds ( , Eldorado Peak, North Cascades

Glacier School: About sixty students and instructors went up to Cypress Glacier for G1. Self arrest, crevasse rescue and much more were taught. As per tradition, mulled wine was enjoyed in the evening. Pictures taken by Cassandra Elphinstone.

Message Board Notes
* Lifting partners/form help (,119373)
* Head lampbatteries order (,119080)
* Lake swimming (,119387)
* Ice screw placement (,119545)
* FS: crampons (,119555)
* Homemade harness (,119533)
* Part time work at Arcteryx (,119523) on 4th
* Advise for crossing Squamish river (,119553)
* Climbing insurance (,119542)
* Best VOC photo ever? (,114765)

Ms. Manners
Dear Minions,

Ms. Manners does not have any questions to answer this week (not even her own). With so many new friendly faces joining us, there must be plenty of questions, problems, dilemmas, and conundrums. Although I've been working on my mind reading powers, it will work better if you direct them at and they will be forwarded to me.

Your caring overlord,
Ms. Manners
Ms. Manners is the VOC's resident expert on mountaineering and outdoors etiquette. Do you have a question for Ms. Manners? Email the VOCene editor and it will be forwarded on to Ms. Manners.

VOCene #20, Sept. 13 2016

Ye Olde VOC:
A weekly recollection of the past of the club.
By 1924 there was a VOC-built cabin on Grouse. Popular trips included Mt. Strahan(sic), Echo peak and the zinc mines as well as "Seymour Peak with its famed slide". As communications improved through the 30's, the Club spread further afield, and there were expeditions to such places as Golden Ears and the Lions, the latter by boat.
Quote of the Week:
"Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are nought without prudence, and that a momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime. Do nothing in haste; look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end."
~ Edward Whymper

Weekly recipe:
Every now and then I'll include a recipe from the VOC wiki ( here. Try them out and share yours!
Tip of the Week:
Use a thick cloth grocery bag to store your crampons in to save your backpack.


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