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VOCene #17 2005/2006-February 27th-2006

This is the long overdue 17th addition of the VOCene. It comes after mid terms, reading break, the VIMFF, potluck diners, ski traverses, climbing trips, hikes, and slideshows. An attempt to try and summarize the events that made up the past month would be futile, instead a few trip reports follow, some pressing news, and as always the upcoming events in the outdoor world.
In this VOCene:
a)	Brew Hut Trail Markers
b)	Journal submissions required

a)	Proposal to renovate the Sphinx hut

3)	Trip Reports
a)	Ipsoot by Scott Nelson

a)	Free Insurance
b)	Snow Shoes for sale
c)	Natural Wonders Speakers Series
d)	ACC monthly meeting Feb. 27th

a.	Trail Markers Brew Lake
We need a couple of Volunteers to help put up markers on the new ski route to Brew Lake. I would like to do this over either the March 11-12 weekend or the March 19-20 weekend. Skis or snowshoes required proficiency with a hammer welcome. If interested see the online message board.
b.	Journal Submissions
In order to have the journal ready to go by Annual Dinner, I need all submissions by March 10 AT THE VERY LATEST. In order to minimize stress: The earlier the better.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted so far but we need more articles, especially on the big trips as Sandra has mentioned, and submissions from internationals. Don't be self conscious about your English skills, that's why there is an editor!

a.	Proposal to renovate the Sphinx hut
I have put together a proposal to renovate and insulate our Sphinx Hut. You can see the proposal on our WIKI under Huts-Sphinx (I don't know how to post a link to it; maybe somebody can do that for me). If you have any thoughts on this, either for or against, post on this thread. Pete Hudson and Ben S-P have indicated that they think it's a good idea. Roland Burton


a.	Ipsoot by Scott Nelson

	After some negotiating we settled on Ipsoot, a high peak just west of Pemberton. Access is from miller creek, which is now the site of a micro hydro generating station. At the bottom of the road we spotted smoke coming from a house, so we went to chat with the owner, Weldon Talbot. He said the road was gated on a bridge, and that we would have a hard time getting past it. Sure enough, there was a chain link fence right in the middle of the first bridge, at about 2.3km. NO UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS. The fence had wings on both sides, extending out about 2.5 feet beyond the edge of the bridge, and the top of the fence was barbed wire. We did some recon upstream, trying to see if there was an easier place to cross above the power plant where the flow was less. We spotted a route, but it looked dodgy. Back at the car we debated our options - climbing over the barbed wire, or walking around, crossing the stream and passing skis under the gate. Then I noticed that the wings were only attached to the rest of the gate by hinges that had been spot welded. After some pulling and pushing to fatigue the joint, the weld popped and the wing swung forward on it's hinges, allowing us to slip around the outside of the fence and on towards Ipsoot. The road took us up to 4000ft where we headed into the forest and dropped down to miller creek, skiing up beautiful meadows to a camp at the toe of the ipsoot glacier. Saturday night was cold, and we squeezed into the tent for warmth. Sunday the weather was excellent again and we set a quick pace toward the summit, reaching the top in less than 3 hours. The descent was much less spectacular, featuring sastrugi, then unpredictable hard and soft wind slabs, then breakable crust. Heading down from camp was more breakable crust, then a short bit of nice snow which gave way to frozen snowmobile ruts all too quickly. We eventually gave up on turning and put on skins to control our speed while gliding down the road.

b.	Fast and Light on the Garibaldi Neve by Stephen Albrecher 
	With a great weather forecast and perfect snow conditions for a fast and light trip to the neve Trish Stathers and I set off to do the neve in a day last Sunday. We only had one car (allowing us to go even faster and lighter) so we started at the Garibaldi lake side. After debating how many calories we would burn per hour we grabbed the required number of GU jells cut the extra tags and straps off out backpacks and shaved our heads to reduce drag. Not being able to find my transceiver allowed us to both dispense of them along with our shovels and probes. With great condition and minimal wind resistance we cruised to the red heather hut in 10 hours and 20 min. With all our water and food consumed (making our packs extra fast and light) the final leg from Red heather to The diamond head parking lot took a total of 12 min; due in no small part to watching the demo sport of snowboard cross in this years Olympics. The usual line of people on the trail made it all the more realistic with close calls and much sports action. Trying to hide my 6 foot 6 bearded frame behind Trish as well as possible made for a short hitch back to the car and an end to a great day on the garibaldi neve.

a.	Free insurance.

NO COST two-day multi-trip travel insurance is available to Canadian members of Mountain Equipment Co-op through The Co-operators. Travel insurance that even covers you during the outdoor activities you love: 

Rock climbing
Mountain biking
Whitewater paddling
and more!

Your no cost insurance covers an unlimited number of 2-day trips out of your province or out of Canada during this period.
b.	Snow Shoes for sale
My husband is the Atlas rep. and is getting rid of over a dozen pairs of snowshoe samples, most new, a few slightly used. We have some of the 7, 8, 10, and 12 series available plus the large 36" snowshoes. Prices start at $50. If you're able to mention it in your newsletter we’d appreciate it!

We can be reached at 730-1998, or
Meghan Cressman

   C. Event Announcement:
	Natural Wonders a Speaker Series on the Parks of BC

MEC Vancouver has recently confirmed an exciting, free speaker series for 2006.In collaboration with Parks Canada, BC Parks, and CPAWS (The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) we are introducing a Natural Wonders monthly series -beginning February 23rd, and continuing each month through the end of the year.

Each month, a different speaker will come to the Broadway MEC (130 West Broadway) to share the latest information, photos, and planning tips on the wilderness areas of BC. Interestingly, CPAWS will be focusing on two areas, The South Okanogan and The Southern Strait of Georgia, which are potentially on
the verge of gaining protected status.

The South Okanogan – Presented by CPAWS
Thurs, Feb 23rd, 7 pm
Cost: Free
The West Coast Trail – Presented by Parks Canada
Thurs, Mar 16th, 7 pm
Cost: Free

BC Parks on The Bowron Lakes
Thurs, Apr 20th, 7pm
Cost: Free

The Southern Strait of Georgia - National Marine Conservation Area Proposal
Presented by CPAWS
Thurs, May 18th, 7 pm
Cost: Free

Gwaii Haanas – Presented by Parks Canada
Thursday, June 15th, 7 pm
Cost: Free

Parks Day: A special presentation on the Cariboo/Rocky Mountain Region
Thurs, July 13th, 7 pm
Cost: Free

D.	The February 2006 meeting of the Vancouver Section will be
Tuesday, February 27 at 7:30 pm at Van Dusen Gardens West 37th and Oak
Street Vancouver

Slide Show: "Fear and Loathing in Garibaldi Park" by Nikolia and Pierre

The ups and downs of skiing the Spearhead and McBride. Nikolia and Pierre
will describe their attempt at skiing from Whistler to Pitt Lake and then
canoeing onto Vancouver, ending up in an unplanned exploration of the upper
reaches of the Cheakamus River.
The February 2006 Echoes is available at
Quote of the week: Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. 
Benjamin Franklin
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