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VOCene #19 2005/2006-March 22, 2005

Well we have made it to number 19 and this VOCene is all about the END OF THE YEAR BANQUET AND THE EXECUTIVE ELECTIONS, which by the way, are going to be happening on the same night. This event, although a celebration of this year is also the beginning of next year, so come on out and vote, or better yet take a VOC exec position, because the club does not happen without you. There is nothing more to say except read below for the details of this incredibly exciting and fun event, and the positions available. This all happens on WEDNESDAY APRIL 5TH 2006 AT ST. JAMES COMMUNITY SQUARE

WHERE: St. James Community Square - 3214 West 10th Avenue Vancouver, B.C. V6K 2l2

DETAILS: Start 6pm End 11pm

VOC EXEC elections start at 6pm- if you show up for this you get in for free yes free, free, free. But you have to arrive before 6:30 pm to get in free, free, and free. SEE BELOW for details of the VOC elections.

DINNER 7-8pm EXEC will bring MAIN COURSE, everybody else bring desert and your own plate, bowl, cup, beverages etc.

8:00-9:00 CLIMBING Slideshow Presentation by CHRIS GEISLER

9:00-9:30 Awards and meet the new executive.

9:30 10:30 socialize and dance
VOC Exec Positions-The club needs you to fill these positions….
•	Must have been on the VOC Exec of a previous year. 
•	Ensures the overall running of the Club. 
•	Knows the responsibilities of other Exec’s, and tactfully makes sure that things get done. 
•	Coordinates Exec meetings and Wednesday lunch hour meetings and slide shows. 
•	A good position to learn about delegating responsibility. Good public speaking skills will be developed. 
•	Must have been on the VOC Exec of a previous year. 
•	Ensures that the Club is following the current Budget. 
•	Prepares a new Budget at the end of the year. 
•	Provides guidelines for Club spending. i.e. How much gear can we buy this year? 
•	Arranges VOC payments as required, within the AMS guidelines. 
•	Ensures the cash box in the Clubroom does not contain much cash, and tracks cash flow. 
•	A good position for someone who is responsible, and organized. 
•	Takes over when the President is unavailable. 
•	Organizes Long Hike in the fall, a major social event. 
•	Organizes the Banquet in the spring, another, different, social event. 
•	A good position for somebody with social skills, who is good at getting lots of help when needed. 
•	Keeps and posts neat, accurate, complete minutes of Exec meetings. 
•	Collects Club mail from the AMS mailbox and delivers it to Execs. 
•	Answers mail addressed to the Club, as decided by the Exec. 
•	Prepares an agenda for meetings if required. 
•	Assists in preparing trip sign-up sheets, gear lists, or any other Club internal documents. 
•	A good position for someone who can type neatly, has access to a computer, and has a nice way with words. 
Membership Chair
•	Revises the VOC Handbook, pamphlet, and membership form, as necessary. 
•	Looks after Clubs Day. 
•	Ensures that anybody who wants to join the Club has the opportunity to do so. 
•	Prints the Hustlers Handbook and any addenda. 
•	A good position for somebody who is friendly and outgoing, and helpful with giving out Club information, but is still prepared to do some paperwork. Job is essentially finished by the end of the Fall term. 
•	Compiles “what’s happening” information and trip reports. 
•	Very reliable, collects any Club gossip for publication. 
•	Prepares the hard copy VOCENE in time for the 12:30 Wed noon meeting each week. 
•	Prepares the Email version of the VOCENE at the same time. 
•	A good position for somebody who is computer literate, available to collect articles each week, and who can coerce people into telling us what they’re planning or what they just did. 
Trips Coordinator
•	Ensures that outdoor activities are available to members of the Varsity Outdoor Club, particularly new members who may not be prepared to organize activities on their own. 
•	Coerces competent Club members into leading trips, particularly when the weather is good and exams are not imminent, i.e. in September, October and January. 
•	Produces a schedule of trips and other VOC activities at the beginning of the year. 
•	Acts as a resource for members who may want to organize their own trips. 
•	Co-ordinates the fall Glacier School, and the Winter Long Hike. 
•	A good position for somebody who truly likes to get out and about, and knows his way around in the outdoors, and is prepared to take beginners and unknowns on his activities, and can coerce others into doing the same. 
Quartermasters (there are two)
•	Posts hours for taking out and returning gear. 
•	Is at the Clubroom reliably, to issue and receive gear. 
•	Ensures that people taking out gear are treated fairly and have reasonable expectations about when the gear must be back and what if it isn’t. 
•	Keeps track of gear, makes sure it is returned on time, in good shape, buys more if needed, looks for deals on gear, does inventories, tests transceivers. 
•	Organizes the VOC Fall gear swap and/or ski tuning session. 
•	Attends the spring MEC gear swap looking for deals. 
•	Is heartless and insensitive in dealing with delinquents, repeat offenders, and gear hoarders. 
•	A good position for somebody who intends to spend a couple of noon hours every week in the Clubroom, who is organized and is interested in what we are doing with the gear. 
Journal Editor
•	Publishes the annual Varsity Outdoor Club Journal (VOCJ) 
•	Coerces members into submitting articles, photos, etc. for the Journal. 
•	Works to a deadline. The journal must be out before the end of term. 
•	Is solely responsible for the quality of the finished product. 
•	Works to a budget of sorts. Collects advertisements to defray the cost of the Journal. 
•	A good position for someone with computer skills, and the ability to deal with a heavy workload for a short time in the Spring. 
Public Relations
•	Books rooms on Campus as required for Club activities. 
•	Organizes Wednesday noon meetings/ slide shows. 
•	Arranges publicity for any VOC events open to the public. 
•	A good position for someone who can handle the booking system on campus, and who is reliable. 
•	Maintains copies of Exec minutes, VOCENE’s, Committee minutes. 
•	Looks after, organizes, makes available, does not loose, the Club’s library. 
•	Looks after various other weird pieces of Club memorabilia, such as pictures, maps, awards. 
•	Updates and maintains photo albums, maps, and a journal index. 
•	Keeps some contact with members who have graduated, and is their main contact in VOC. 
•	A good position for a Clubroom organizer, and for someone who can explain what VOC is doing, to those who have graduated or passed on. 
Climbing Wall Coordinator
•	Arranges a schedule for the use of the Climbing Wall. 
•	Ensures that routes etc. are changed at frequent intervals, and a good range of grades are represented. 
•	Organizes the annual climbing competition. 
•	Books VOC space in SUB through the AMS Booking Agent. 
•	A good position for somebody who likes indoor climbing. 
FMCBC/ ACC Representative
•	Attends FMCBC meetings and reports back to the VOC Exec on the various FMCBC projects and objectives. 
•	Assists the VOC Executive to formulate policy regarding the FMCBC projects and objectives. 
•	Ensures that the FMCBC is aware of the VOC position. 
•	A position suitable for someone who is big on environmental issues and feel that the FMCBC can further their objectives. 
•	Acts as liaison between the Alpine Club and VOC. Is familiar with ACC and what it has to offer to VOC. 
Special Projects/Huts
•	Advises people, members and non-members how to get to VOC Huts, and what to expect there. 
•	Collects information from users, on the state of the VOC Huts, and recommends to the Exec if any work needs to be done on any of the Huts. 
•	Makes recommendations regarding building of new huts, or removing or replacing huts. 
•	Ensures that any trail building commitments undertaken by the Club are properly followed through. 
•	A good person for this position is one who is interested in VOC Huts, can collect information on huts and hut locations, and make persuasive recommendations to the Execs.
Quote of the week: Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. 
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
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