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Date : 2004-05-26
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VOCene #0 May 25 2004

It's raining, but don't let that fool you, 'cause June is the first month
of summer! So what's happnin in June?

1) VOC BBQ #2 
Wednesday 2 June 6:30pm 
Jericho beach @ Tolmie near the parking lot. 
The BBQ is your best bet for organising summer adventures, burning burgers
and marshmallows and bumming out on the beach.

Son of Rock (a.k.a. summer rock climbing school) will take place sometime
in June...Watch this space, keep an eye on the message board, and contact
Fiona if you're interested in helping out: 
Fiona Campbell 

Free helicopter rides!
Frank Baumann, a former VOCer, is offering the use of a helicopter for
maintenance work on the Harrison Hut over the next four weeks. This is a
really unique opportunity for some keen VOCers to get involved with a
really exciting project and help maintain the hut for future generations.
If you're interested in being involved with this contact Roland Burton

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club
Room 68, Student Union Building

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