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Date : 2006-05-29
Description : VOCene #1
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VOCene #1 2006/2007-November 27,2006

In this VOCene:


I. Greeting
II. Summer BBQ
III. Sphinx Hut
IV. Underwear Affair
V. Orienteering course (1 day)
VI. Upcoming Trips

I. Greeting

To my surprise, delight, and a modest amount of horror, I have been
elected to be your VOCene editor. My competition at election night
pointed out that spelling and humor were important assets for the
VOCene editor, but I managed to pull through with a can-do attitude
and a profound confession of love for rock and snow. So, if the level
of grammar/English/spelling is not up to par, you shouldn't have voted
for someone who barely passed first year English and instead voted for
an English major (I think there was two). Otherwise, I think I am
going to really enjoy being the VOCene editor. Gossip is great, and
now I can procrastinate my research doing something we all consider

Please send me your trip reports. My e-mail address is, or, or the one on the members
list. If you don't send me trip reports, I will steal them from the
message board, and supplement the space with my trip reports. Did you
ever hear the story of my trip to Safeway? Please send in your trip
reports for all our sakes.

Trip reports are an important aspect of VOCene. They provide
information on local conditions (i.e. snow quantity or quality), trip
ideas, random useful tips (for example, the Chief walk-in camp ground
is free until at least the May long, the bluff are empty on sunday
night and monday morning, etc)

General guideline for trip reports;
1) Keep them short unless they are really funny. Then they can be as
long as you like.
2) Keep in mind that most people read you trip reports for some key
things including conditions, useful tips and other general beta, and
interest in what other VOCers are doing.
3) Most of you know more about the outdoors and how the VOC works than
I do. I'm pretty flexible (not literally, I can barely touch my toes)

Send me trip reports please!

II. Summer BBQ

These are held on the first Wednesday of every month (during the summer)

Where: Spanish Banks beach at the foot of Tolmie street
When: Wed, 6pm on June 7
Bring: grill-able food item, their beverage of choice, and
Frisbees/haki-sacs/soccer balls etc.

III. Sphinx Hut Reno

There was a painting extravaganza at Roland's house last Saturday to
put the first coat of paint on the Sphinx plywood. Lots of work still
left to do. Please contact Roland if you want to help.

IV. Underwear Affair

Kristin Walkentin is putting together a team for this years underwear affair

What: 10k run/5k walk in costume/underwear/normal clothes to raise
money and awareness of cancers "below the belt" (ie: prostate,
cervical, colon, etc.).  The race is followed by a party for all
participants, plus one guest

When:  Evening of July 8th, so no one has to get up early, no one has
to be at work, etc.

Where: somewhere downtown

Cost: 25$ registration fee (gets you a shirt), 300$ min. fund-raised
for BC Cancer.  This is super easy.  Kristin reached it in one week,
during which she was not even in town.

Reasons to join:

1. Because you finally get to show off the cute underwear you bought
(this one is more for the girls) know, that pair with the
writing on the bum that's so clever, but no one else ever gets to
read?  Now the world can see how clever you are!

2.  Guys: a crowd full of athletic girls in underwear.  'nough said.

3.  To earn Kristin's undying love and gratitude.

V. Orienteering course (1 day)

We are looking into organizing an orienteering course (1 day) for June
3rd.  If you are interested contact Rueben Schulz
(  If there is a big enough group then we'll put
together a handout and set up a treasure hunt.  People would need to
bring their own compasses, and outdoor clothing plus beer for the
instructors (the last thing on the list is completely optional and
should only be given to them after the course).

VI. Upcoming Trips

There are many trips happening all summer. Check out the message
board. There should be at least one car going up to Squamish every
weekend for climbing or hiking plus many more longer trips. Be brave.
If you want a ride, call the person who posted that they have extra
seats. As someone who often offers rides in my car, I can tell you no
one has ever received a ride from me without a follow up phone call
(not as policy, just works out that way). It is just too hard to work
out pick-up spots, times, etc. Numbers are provided on the web page
under 'Members List'. Sorry for the rant.

Quote of the Week: "Freedom is not worth having if it does not include
the freedom to make mistakes".
   Mahatma Gandhi
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