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Date : 2006-07-13
Description : VOCene #3
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VOCene #3 2006/2007-July 13,2006

In this VOCene:


I. Letter from the Editor
II. Summer BBQ
III. ***Huts***
IV. Upcoming Trips
V. Trip Reports

I. Letter From the Editor

I was suppose to send this out earlier, but my computer broke. I'm use to my computer not working, I use Linux, but I can always fix it in a few minutes/hours. Today, it just wouldn't turn on. I even checked that it was plugged in followed by a few smacks, maybe that is why it is broken.

I was told to make my VOCene's shorter by adding links to text on the Wiki or message board and provide a short summary in the VOCene. I chose to do only one or the other. I will add summaries to longer texts, but the links are all relatively short and well written. Please send me advice and other suggestions on how to make this newsletter better.

II. Summer BBQ

Held on the first Wednesday of every month (during the summer)

Where: Spanish Banks beach at the foot of Tolmie street
When: Wed, 6pm on August 2nd
Bring: grill-able food items, your beverage of choice, and Frisbees/haki-sacs/soccer balls etc.
The last BBQ was a lot of fun, very well attended. The weather was sunny, but the wind was cold. Fun was had by all, and those who are permanently cold, could stay warm by standing by the BBQ. I requested more things to throw, people brought lots of things to throw, and Murphy's law prevailed and it was too windy to throw anything. I am sure the next one will be even more fun, cloud, shine or wind. Everyone bring parkas and it should be sunny and blistering hot. 

III. Huts

1) Brew Hut

This is attempt #2 to organize a trip up to the Brew Hut to erect the outhouse and get some of the garbage up there ready to fly out.  Attempt #1 never got off the ground  due to a lack of volunteers, so I'm trying to be more proactive this time.  This will probably be the last major work hike to the Brew Hut for some time, so if you want to contribute to the project it's now or never.  There are a number of tasks that could be done in parallel, so the more people the better.
There are 3 options for when this trip can take place.  If you want to come help out, please indicate which weekend(s) you are available
1.  This weekend (Jul 15-16)
2.  The weekend after Jul (22-23)
3.  August long weekend (5-7)  
On the weekend of August 12-13 we will have a helicopter to fly materials in to Sphinx and garbage out from Brew, so everything needs to be ready before that date.   Sign up on the wiki (, message board or email for more information 

2) Sphinx Hut

Sphinx Hut Renovation is going according to schedule.  We still intend to do the work there Aug 12-20.  We will get a ride across the lake for the four principal workers (you know who you are).  Anybody else who wants to come
down to the east end of Garibaldi Lake at that time and share our hospitality, and bring us tasty food, is welcome.  We expect that there will be a few warm sunny days when we don't have to work, and can climb Guard, Deception Pinnacles, or such other nearby peaks that come to mind.  If you plan to be there, talk to Roland and he'll tell you the latest.


IV) Upcoming Trips

Read the message board and Wiki for more accurate and up to date information than I can provide in a monthly publication. Boris and Richards Scrambling Adventures are getting cut short to Richards Scrambling Adventures because Boris is leaving to the Yukon, I hope they continue because they were well attended. The sport climbing community is a little leaderless, but there are still fun trips leaving almost every weekend including Exit 38, Whistler, Saltspring, Skaha and good old Squamish. Plus there are many other trips of all types that VOCers are planning. 

Roland is planning a weekend trip to Mt Price. It is a fairly easy destination, an old volcanic crater on the south side of Garibaldi Lake. He would like to hike up Friday after work, camp at the lake, go up Price on Saturday, camp Saturday night as well, and come back Sunday.

Title: Bowen Island Hiking Trip July 16
Author: Anton Babadjanov

V) Trip Reports

Title: Grant/Easton
Author: Jordan Tam

Title: Mount Barr
Author: Richard So

Title: Buildering
Author: Breakey 

Minus the two guys who got arrested crane swinging, buildering has been a lot of fun. It has been held every Tuesday night at 9pm in the club room. Boris ran it, but he is now gone (for a short time, he will be back). We will try our best without him. He has shown us many interesting problems that are relatively safe (we have lots of spotters) and even a few that are good in the rain. Please come out, no one has yet to be arrested on a Tuesday night for buildering (that I know of), other days of the week, you are taking your chances.

Title: Exit 38 
Author: Breakey 

Janet, Matt, Nick, Steve and Martin went to Vantage, we boiled in the heat. After Steve climbed in his underwear (increases performance by reducing weight and heat transfer), we talked around and found a place called exit 38. Turns out there is another area called exit 32 just like it. Climbers from Seattle must have used all of the original names on the actual climbs and ran out for the area names. The climbs are mostly sport routes of all levels, pretty high quality. The ratings are easy, so you are even a better climber there than in Squamish. Camping was great and free along the river on, you guessed it, exit 34. I would definitely go back. Can't get lost when the directions are the name (all exits on I90 in Washington)

Title: Whistler
Author: Scrubbed information from Steve's rambling text

Lisa, Nick, Annabella, Chrisyanna, Remi, Florian, Angela, Nick and Steve spent the weekend at Nick's cabin in Whistler. I saw pictures, Nick's cabin was nice (at least before the VOCers showed up). They climbed at the Nordic wall, Suicide bluffs and Conroy forest road. Highlights include a bolted up-side down crack. No one has yet to figure out what an upside down crack is. Lots of top ropes and sport climbing. Levels ranged from easy to 5.11+. Steve sprained his ankle at the suicide bluffs. If you want to know more about the trip, talk to Steve, he has a million pictures and videos, and not much to do because he is a cripple for the next three weeks.

Title: Castle Towers Jul 7-9
Author: Jordan Tam

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