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Date : 2006-09-05
Description : VOCene #4
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VOCene #4 2006/2007-Sept 1,2006

In this VOCene:


I. Letter from the Editor
II. September BBQ
III Upcoming Trips
	1) Roland's Trip
	2) Mountaineering Camp
    3) Glacier School
    4) Cliffhanger
IV. Trip Reports

I. Letter From the Editor

Summer is nearing an end, fall is almost here. It's a race to do all of those outdoor activities you had planned before the rain hits! 

Please renew your memberships in the next month. Those who don't will get removed by a computer program that doesn't care how sweet you really are.

With the school year starting, we have the largest concentration of club activities in the upcoming few weeks, and thus the largest need for volunteers. If you have some time, and especially if you have some skills, please sign up. Glacier school (Kristin => and Long hike (Richard => still need some competent instructors and club week (Fuller => can always use a few more people as well. 

II. Summer BBQ

Where: Spanish Banks beach at the foot of Tolmie street
When: Wed, 6pm on September 6th
Bring: grill-able food items, your beverage of choice, and Frisbees/haki-sacs/soccer balls etc.

Should be a good chance to meet up with all the people who disappeared for the summer. Now that they are back from the bush, they should at least be showered.

III) Upcoming Trips

1) Mountaineering Camp

When: Labour Day Weekend, Sept 2-4
Where: Sigurd Creek
Info: wiki
        message board

2) Roland's Trip

He knows what he is doing. Suitcases not welcome, beginners are.

When: Labour Day Weekend, Sept 2-4
Where: Somewhere cool
Info: message board

3) Glacier School

When: Sept 16-17
Where: Glacier school  

What is Glacier School? Glacier School is a 2-day (weekend) course intended to teach safe and efficient means of traveling over glaciers. Instruction is designed for beginners to snow and glacier travel. Students with more glacier experience will also have an opportunity to take on more demanding activities during the weekend.

Who can take the course? Since we will be focusing on teaching glacier skills, it is expected that all students have some experience in backpacking and camping. If you’ve never touched snow or ice before but are into trying something new, this course is for you. 

4) Climbing Plastic

When: every Tuesday and Thursday
Where: Cliffhanger Vancouver (use google to find a map)

Need a belay? A bunch of us go climbing at Cliffhanger every Tuesday and Thursday at about 6-7pm. Following our plastic pulling sessions, we usually go for some fine dining at condemned pho or other such cheap and tasty eateries. All levels are welcome, strong guts are an asset but not mandatory. If you don't know how to belay, you should probably get someone more knowledgeable than us to teach you before hand. Cliffhanger requires first time climbers to pass a belay test (very easy if you have some experience, long hike would do the trick). Contact if you would like to come. We often plan weekend trips during these sessions on real rock.

IV) Trip Reports

Title: Tricouni Peak
Author: Richard So

Title: Shuksan via Fisher Chimneys, August 13-14, 2006.
Author: Chris Petrus

Title: The long way to Sphinx (This one is a record breaker)
Author: Christian Veenstra

Title: Tombstone, the pre-TR summary
Author: Boris Khramstov

Quote of the Week: "An opinion-free guidebook is written without passion by the author and read without entertainment by the climber".
	Sir Neville Cardus
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