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Date : 2006-09-06
Description : VOCene #5
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VOCene #5 - Sept 6, 2006

In this VOCene:


I. Letter from the Editor
II. Slide Shows
III. Upcoming Trips
    1) Glacier School*
	2) Mt. Price by Roland
    3) Brew Hut
    4) Long Hike
    5) Cliffhanger*
IV. Trip Reports

I. Letter From the Editor

The first executive meeting has occurred. This means that the VOCene should now be a weekly affair (every Wednesday night) unless I am away doing something more fun were computers are a distant memory. I will report all relevant planning that has gone on at the exec meetings, plus all of the gossip that I can gleam from my sources (mostly the message board).

I'll re-iterate that you need to renew your membership and sign a waiver saying that you won't sue the VOC if you fall in a crevasse, off a cliff, hit by an avalanche etc. The AMS requires that every single member must sign this form, even if you are already a member. However, this said, the AMS waiver does not exit yet and Dan is working on it. He will make it available in the club room as soon as possible and the exec will bring it to all organized trips to catch those who we missed.

VOC cards are coming soon...,
I am going to repeat a lot of information because of new members signing up over the next month. Information with an * is a direct copy and paste from a previous issue. Just to warn you. 

To view links in the VOCene, you must have already signed into the VOC web page.

II. Slide Shows

When: Wednesday @ 7pm
Where: VOC club room

September 20: The four glacier girls (Greta, Alex, Krystil, Ellen) will
give an awesome slide show about their adventurous trip: a three week
kayaking, bushwhacking, hiking, mountaineering and biking trip from
Vancouver to the Coast Mountains and back... This will be an awesome
start of this year's slide show season, don't miss it!! See [1]
( for more info...

Check the wiki ( for more slide show info.

II) Upcoming Trips

1) Glacier School*

When: Sept 16-17 - Dry School: Wednesday, September 13th, 7pm. Location TBA
Where: Matier Glacier, approached via Cerise (past Pemberton)  
What: Glacier School. Never traveled on a glacier? Want to start? This is for you! Learn basic skills such as self-arresting and crevasse rescue, among other skills from experienced volunteer instructors.
Cost: approximately 5$ for photocopying  plus gas money for your driver. 

There is a sign-up sheet posted outside the club room. Be quick to sign-up because there are limited spots.

2) Mt. Price by Roland

When: Sept 9-10
Where: Garibaldi Lake  

Roland is thinking of camping on top of Mt Price, which is an extinct volcano centrally located in Garibaldi Lake. (The lake wraps around it). He has 4 seats in his car that he may let you sit in if you ask him nicely Other carloads of people are welcome to join. The weather should be fine. This is not too strenuous, probably 14 km each day, and Sunday is nearly all downhill.

If you need gear, Roland can help you out. You could do this in running shoes, a sleeping bag, food, and a pack, although we usually bring some warm clothes too.

3) Brew Hut Clean-up

When: Sept 9-10
Where: Brew Hut

This counts as a work-hike. If you want to borrow gear for glacier school, this is one of two opportunities to get your work-hike done.

4) Long Hike

When: Thanksgiving
Where: Evans Lake (30 minutes from Squamish)

An instructional climbing camp that has nothing to do with hiking or being long. This is a climbing trip followed by one of the best parties of the year. All climbing levels are welcome from those who have never touched a rock to those who are instructing. There are usually three instructional groups: rock 1,2 and 3. Rock one covers the basics for those who have never climbed. Rock two covers top rope anchors. Rock three goes into placing gear and leading. Cost will be ~$30 which covers one dinner and accommodations on Saturday night. I have been looking forward to long hike all summer, it's that good.  

5) Climbing Plastic*

When: every Tuesday and Thursday
Where: Cliffhanger Vancouver (use google to find a map)

Need a belay? A bunch of us go climbing at Cliffhanger every Tuesday and Thursday at about 6-7pm. Following our plastic pulling sessions, we usually go for some fine dining at condemned pho (not actually called condemned pho) or other such cheap and tasty eateries. All levels are welcome, strong guts are an asset but not mandatory. If you don't know how to belay, you should probably get someone more knowledgeable than us to teach you before hand. Cliffhanger requires first time climbers to pass a belay test (very easy if you have some experience, long hike would do the trick). Contact if you would like to come.

IV) Trip Reports

Title: Mountaineering Camp: Sigurd Creek
Info: wiki 
        message board 

Title: Alcoholic Traverse
Info: message board 

Quote of the Week: "I climb because it feels so good when I stop."  
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