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Date : 2006-09-20
Description : VOCene #7
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VOCene #7 - Sept 20, 2006

In this VOCene:


I. Letter from the Editor
II. Slide Shows
III. Upcoming Trips
    1) Long Hike
	2) Exit 38
	3) Roland's Trip
	4) MEC - Gear Swap
    5) Cliffhanger
IV. Trip Reports
    1) Glacier School

I. Letter From the Editor

Welcome new members. 

This week I was going to write an article on the mechanics of climbing protection, but I figured I would leave talking about breaking ropes and falling climbers until after longhike. Thus, no article this week. 

Last VOCene, I wrote a rather lengthy article about how the VOC works. If you have just joined and want to read it because you want to procrastinate doing your assignments, you can find it in VOCene #6 at I will publish it again after club days after most members have joined.

For new members, if you want to follow the links, you must have already signed into the VOC web page. Click on the link, sign-in, click on the link again and you should be able to follow all links for the rest of the session.  

II. Slide Shows

When: Most Wednesdays @ 7pm
Where: VOC club room, but tonight's slide show is in Buchanan A102

Check the wiki ( for more slide show info.

II) Upcoming Trips

1) Long Hike

When: Thanksgiving
Where: Evans Lake (30 minutes from Squamish)

An instructional climbing camp that has nothing to do with hiking or being long. This is a climbing trip followed by one of the best parties of the year. All climbing levels are welcome from those who have never touched a rock to those who are instructing. There are usually three instructional groups: rock 1,2 and 3. Rock one covers the basics for those who have never climbed. Rock two covers top rope anchors. Rock three goes into placing gear and leading. Cost will be ~$30 which covers one dinner  and breakfast and accommodations on Saturday night. I have been looking forward to long hike all summer, it's that good.  

Sign-up sheet is now available.

2) Exit 38

When: Sept 22-24
Where: Exit 38, Washington State

Exit 38 has excellent sport climbing, but little trad. Many crags were exposed with the creation of an old and defunct railway line. The crags have been vigorously cleaned for you safety and many crags have excellent bases. Not exactly a purists ideal spot, but I was pretty happy there.

Topo's are available on-line at

3) Roland's Trip

When: Sept 23-24
Where: wherever people want
What: Hiking and camping at a nice moderate level (basic gear, enthusiasm and fitness are all that are required) 
Info: or

Roland's trips are great. He has vast knowledge of the area and goes on trips that can only be described as fun. 

4) MEC - Gear Swap

When: Oct 23-22
Where: MEC 
What: Need gear? You can't get better deals than this sale. VOCers show up the night before and hang out all night on the sidewalk for the 10am opening. Sound crazy? We do it twice a year and have been for years. Bring a sleeping bag, unless that is what you are looking for at the gear swap in which case you are screwed. 

5) Climbing Plastic

When: every Tuesday and Thursday
Where: Cliffhanger Vancouver (use google to find a map)

Yup, still happening. Lots of people show up and talk about everything from sore fingers to hot energy. Use the good holds! 

IV) Trip Reports

1) Glacier School

Where: Matier Glacier, approached via Cerise (past Pemberton)  

This was a great school were we learned as much as our instructors could cram into our helmet covered heads in 2 days. The mulled wine was excellent, the whiskey was not, and the weather was somewhere in between. This was the largest glacier school in a while and everyone got a ride! Many thanks to the instructors and Kristin for putting on such a great show. 

Quote of the Week:   "I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom."
- Angus Grossart
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