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VOCene #3 - 1 July 2004

Upcoming Trips


The Uts^�am / Witness Project is a collaboration between the Squamish First Nation and the Roundhouse Community Centre, founded seven years ago by a group including local mountaineer turned conservationist, the late John Clarke.  It has the aim of increasing awareness of Squamish traditions and ecological issues facing their land.  In the tradition of the Uts^�am ceremony, you will be asked to serve as a witness to all that you observe during your stay, and to bring that experience to bear on your daily life.  The Squamish Nation invites all open and willing participants to their site up a logging road in the Squamish valley every weekend in June and July. Educational workshops on Squamish culture and ecology are held every weekend.

Participants are asked to pay $15 (it^�s volunteer run) at the Roundhouse Community Centre at 7am on the Saturday, and will return later Sunday. Vehicles are needed, though carpooling is sometimes possible at the Roundhouse.  Camping gear is required, though this is no arrrd expedition for the hardened VOCer ^� it is rather a chance to celebrate the more spiritual side of yourself, our local wilderness, and First Nations people, and to share time with other beautiful souls (often a nice compliment to VOC-style expeditions). Witness is not an activist camp, nor a cult. I have been involved with the Project for years, and am always impressed with the company it assembles. For more information see, or email me at .  I^�ll be up on the sandbar a couple more weekends this year if anyone would like to join me.

Club News

1) Brew Hut Permit

We finally have a permit to rebuild Brew!! We now need a Champion to take this project from plans and permission to reality. Thanks to the work of Greg Rekken we now have a permit from the Ministry of Forests to build the new shelter, and from Ting Pan we have architectural plans.

Now we need someone who can coordinate buying materials, transporting them up there, and building the shelter. Could this be you? You don't need to be a Chartered Civil Engineer (though of course this would be an excellent project for a budding engineer...), but you do need to be able to tap into the resources of talented VOCers to make this happen.

If you're interested in helping out with this project, or you have any special skills/tools/expertise that you can lend, please repsond to me . I'll be compiling a list of interested parties, and hopefully a Champion will emerge.

Trip Reports

1) Mount Baker by Scott Nelson

Scott, Stefan and Jeroen headed for Mt. Baker early Sunday morning to
finish off a fine ski season.  Conditions were perfect, with blue skies
and continuous snow down to treeline, making for a 1800m ski run off the
summit.  The Roman Wall the best, with about 5cm of buttery corn snow
making for a suberb early afternoon descent.

2) Habrich/Sky Pilot by Matt Brown

Matt Brown, Chris Barrington-Leigh and Zosia Bornik traversed Habrich and Sky Pilot in a clockwise direction. Camping at the bottom of Habrich, we climbed it's West Face (a fine low 5th vertical bushwack!) and descended Life on Earth. The next day we climbed Sky Pilot via the Gunsight Gap and descended it's West Buttress.

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club
Room 68, Student Union Building

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