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Date : 2006-09-27
Description : VOCene #8
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VOCene #8 - Sept 27, 2006

In this VOCene:


I. Letter from the Editor
II. Slide Shows
III. Work Hikes
IV. Upcoming Trips
    1) Long Hike
	2) Indian Arm
	3) Stuff Swap
	4) MEC - Gear Swap
    5) Cliffhanger
V. Happening Events
	1) Yosemite
VI. Trip Reports
	1) Exit 38
	2) Roland's Trip

I. Letter From the Editor

Due to a very successful clubs days, we have a few new members to report. There maybe a few too many to report by name, but here are the stats so far. We have a total of 345 members and are still counting because we will sign up new members for as long as people are willing to join the VOC. Of those members, 12 are faculty and 48 are alumni. 179 people signed up at clubs days averaging just under 60 people a day. Of the executive, only 7 out of 16 have renewed their memberships. 

Steven Harper did not cut any of our funding since we receive no money from the federal government. Membership fees fund all of our expenses. We are planning on buying a number of new gear items at the MEC gear swap, we have budgeted $2000 for new used gear this year. Notable items are skins and avalanche probes.

If you have not renewed your membership, the server automatically kicks you off by September 30. This may be confusing because your membership is valid until Oct 31 (the year after you sign-up). However, you should renew as soon as possible anyhow, especially the executive. The executive has no excuse since they can do it themselves.

A number of new members have been curious about work hikes because they would like to borrow gear. I will now include a section on upcoming work hikes to help them out as best as I can. 

II. Slide Shows

When: Tonight @ 7pm
Where: VOC club room

Sandra, the clubs president will be presenting.

Check the wiki ( for more slide show info.

III) Work Hikes

1) Longhike
-Selling shirts and song books
-Clean up

2) Roe Creek on October 14-15

3) Club Room
-Sorting the filing cabinet
-Helping gear master sort gear
-Cleaning the club.
This will be organized in the near future, or if you are willing to take on the task, all the more power to you.

IV) Upcoming Trips

1) Long Hike

When: Thanksgiving
Where: Evans Lake (30 minutes from Squamish)

Trip is now full. 

Some things that should be remembered. There is a mandatory dry school on Oct 4th, room and time TBA. Although dinner is provided, the dessert is potluck. So please bring some goodies to share. The event is BYOB, you don't have to share your booze if you don't want to. 

2) Indian Arm

When: Sept 30 - Oct 1 with a dry school on Thursday, Sept 28 in the club room @ 6pm (organize rides and gear)
Where: Deep Cove - Indian Arm
Contact: Lisa (

Overnight sea kayak trip up Indian Arm. Indian arm is reasonably protected with minimal currents. Very close to Vancouver.

3) Stuff Swap

When: Friday, October 6 @ 10am-4pm
Where: Club Room

Do you have old gear that is still functional and too valuable to throw out, but you will never wear again? Bring it too the stuff swap and send your old outdoor gear to a new home were it will be used. 

Do you need gear? Come get functional gear that probably won't impress that hot climbing/skiing guy/chick at the crag/slope, but will at least get you outside.

Anything that is functional outdoor gear such as fleeces, jackets, shoes, gloves, pants, packs etc is welcome. The club will accept any gear donations (so we can lend it out to many people). My favorite piece of outdoor clothing is a MEC hoodie that cost me $5.

4) MEC - Gear Swap

When: Oct 22 
Where: MEC 

Need gear? You can't get better deals than this sale. VOCers show up the night before and hang out all night on the sidewalk for the 10am opening. Sound crazy? We do it twice a year and have been for years. Bring a sleeping bag, unless that is what you are looking for in which case you are screwed. 

5) Climbing Plastic

When: every Tuesday and Thursday
Where: Cliffhanger Vancouver (use google to find a map)

Yup, still happening at about 6pm. A lot more people are coming than last year. Tuesday seems to be the night that we go out after wards for food.  

V. Happening Events

1) Yosemite

When: Now
Where: Yosemite, California
Info: I forgot to post it last week when it actually mattered - sorry Jeff. 

VI) Trip Reports

1) Exit 38

When: Sept 22-24
Where: Exit 38, Washington State

A decidedly good trip with a least one nasty stringer, lots of bolts, polished and blocky limestone, 3 hour waits to get across the border, a bike murderer, and red wine in the customs line. Close to 15 went and had fun.

2) Russet Lake

Having only one car, we were limited to 5 people including one Token Female. We left UBC Bookstore at 7 am, as is our custom, and were soon legally parked at Whistler and walking. We had some trouble with alcohol toxicity, and our group dynamics weren't of the best quality, but the weather was great. After hiking through Singing Pass and dumping our packs at the Russet Lake shelter, a couple of the keener ones decided to climb Fissile, as this looked like it would conveniently fit into the time before dark. We got into a situation here, where the two ended up rescuing each other due to some communication screw-ups, and we got to try out our headlamps, and half-climb Fissile after dark (Do you get extra points for after-dark ascents?) The upshot of all this is I am finally going to get some new batteries for my headlamp. Don't believe this "150 hours of use per set of batteries" bullshit.

Sunday I sent the keeners off to climb Whirlwind and went back to bed until it was time to leave.

The trip in and out along Fitzsimmons Creek trail is unpleasantly long, though the trail is excellent. 

Quote of the Week: "Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming WOW! WHAT A RIDE."
- Unknown
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