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Date : 2006-10-11
Description : VOCene #10
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VOCene #10 - Oct 11, 2006

In this VOCene:


I. Letter from the Editor
II. Slide Shows
III. Work Hikes
IV. Upcoming Trips
    1) Roe Creek
	2) Leavenworth
	3) Orienteering School
	4) MEC - Gear Swap
	5) Skaha
	6) Smith Rocks
    7) Cliffhanger
V. Trip Reports
	1) Longhike

I. Letter From the Editor

A few things were discussed at the executive meeting this week. First was gear rentals. Gear has a tendency of going missing, either permanently or for very long periods. The VOC does not want to charge for the gear, or charge fines, so we are implementing a black list. All gear can be picked up Monday through Friday before the weekend it is to be used and must be returned by the following Thursday. Gear can be borrowed longer if the time line is discussed with the gear master. If the gear is not returned by this time, you can not borrow gear again (black listed) although you can get your deposit back if you return the gear. You will also have to return the gear yourself or if you get a friend to do it, you must send an e-mail to the gear master. 

There will be three people who can do belay tests for the club wall, Kia, Jeff and James. They require that you know how to tie a figure 8 knot, put on a harness and to belay. If you do not know how to do these three things, please get someone to show you or take a lesson at a gym. I personally don't care, because the climber has a vested interested to make sure they do these things right when they climb, that is why I am no longer allowed to belay test. 

Since this letter from the editor has been so boring, I recommend taking a look at this web page. It is the best climbing web page I have seen, guaranteed to prevent you from finishing your next assignment. Thank you Mike ... The story of offwidths is especially funny.

II. Slide Shows

When: Most Wednesday's 
Where: Clubroom

Check the wiki ( for actual slide show info.

III) Work Hikes

1) Roe Creek on October 14-15

2) Club Room
-Helping the gear master sort gear
-Buying gear at the gear swap
-Cleaning the club.
This will be organized in the near future, or if you are willing to take on the task, all the more power to you.

3) Route Cleaning
Tyler Lynn started developing a crag in Hope. There is still work to be done in finishing this project. Kristin is looking into making this into a work hike ( The probably date will be 4-5 of November.

IV) Upcoming Trips

1) Roe Creek

When: Oct 14-15
Where: Roe Creek

This trip is a workhike to do some trail building work on the Roe Creek Ski Route that goes from Roe Creek to Brew Lake. This trail is the main winter access to the Brew Hut, and the objective of this trip is to remove brush, trees, tree limbs and anything that stands in the way of a pleasant skiing experience. With a little bit of work, this trail has the potential to be an excellent beginner back country skiing destination because of the moderate grade and open forest.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to sign up on the wiki - especially if you have a car:

2) Leavenworth

When: Oct 20-22
Where: Leavenworth Washington
Contact: Matthew Breakey (

A climbing trip to Leavenworth to escape the damp conditions usually characteristic of Squamish in October. Leavenworth has some amazing climbing and has more routes than could be done in a life time. The climbing is mostly traditional (placing your own protection), but top roping is possible although limited. There is no instruction provided on this trip, plan accordingly. 

There is no limit on the number of people because, you provide everything except a map on how to get there (I might also organize rides). Passengers pay for gas as per usual, cars arrange to pay for their own camping fees (which is by car), and you supply all of your own food unless you find a cooking partner.

Hope to see you there.    

3) Orienteering School

When: Oct 21 
Where: UBC and Jericho Beach
Contact: Christian (

The details have yet to be hammered out. The course was developed during the summer. The VOCers that took the pilot course liked it so much that the executive figured they would run it again.

4) MEC - Gear Swap

When: Oct 22 
Where: MEC 

Why would you want to go to the MEC gear swap when you could go to Leavenworth with me! The gear swap isn't really that great, people make it sound better than it really is. Leavenworth on the other hand will be the best climbing trip in the whole world, in all of history, never to be matched in greatness again, no exaggeration. I think you should go to Leavenworth because even if you had the money to buy more gear, you have no place to store it in your typically crammed Vancouver style student housing. That is just my unbiased and completely neutral opinion. 

5) Skaha

When: Oct 27-29
Where: Penticton
Contact: Mike Fuller (

Interesting points about this trip are:

-Costumes are strongly encouraged
-There are lots of apples
-There will be a rock 2.5 (a coarse designed to help people learn to sport climb). Rock 2.5 will be the most useful coarse you can take if you want to climb outdoors with other VOCers, like at Leavenworth.

6) Smith Rocks

When: Nov 10-13
Where: Oregon somewhere
Contact: Kia (

This really is the last possible climbing trip of the season, unless you go south for Christmas. This will be the second best climbing trip next to - you guessed it - Leavenworth. 

7) Climbing Plastic

When: every Tuesday and Thursday @ 6
Where: Cliffhanger Vancouver 

Come to Leavenworth, meet some of the people going here!

V. Trip Reports

1) Longhike

It was kick ass. Everyone got a ride, lots of fun was had, was good training for Leavenworth, no one fell off a cliff, we will find out if there were any bastard children in about a month...

Quote of the Week: "Consummating your love on the cliff can be a very exhilarating experience, but can cause serious medical issues after wards"
Mike Hengeveld's plagiarized it, don't know who actually said it first.
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