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Date : 2006-10-19
Description : VOCene #11
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VOCene #11 - Oct 18, 2006

In this VOCene:


I. Letter from the Editor
II. Slide Shows
III. Work Hikes
IV. Upcoming Trips
	1) Leavenworth
	2) Orienteering School
	3) MEC - Gear Swap
	4) Skaha
	5) Smith Rocks
V. Trip Reports
    1) Brew Hut
    2) Waddington

I. Letter From the Editor

Unfortunately, non-members are no longer going to receive the VOCene. Anyhow, if you would still like to receive the VOCene, and are not a registered member (regular or alumni), please register. You can register by contacting Mike Fuller ( Alumnus registration is free, and who wouldn't want to receive such an excellent publication? 

As you may have noticed, the club has really started to use the Wiki. The Wiki is an amazing tool to organize trips, rides, etc. The message board still has its uses such as getting trips started, but the Wiki is by far superior for organizing trips. Many thanks to Chris Michalak for making the Wiki, and Christian Champagne for spending many hours trying to make the Wiki look pretty. If you don't know how to use the Wiki, here is a link that should help, Ironically, the help page is on the Wiki. This scenario is sort of like loosing your glasses; glasses are hard to find without the lost said article.

II. Slide Shows

When: Oct 25, @ 7pm 
Where: Clubroom

Next Wednesday will be 'Vertical Limit' movie night. Have you ever seen 'Vertical Limit' with a bunch of climbers? It is a lot of fun, even for those who don't have much of a background in climbing. My favorite part was the backwards dyno gear placement, without a rope or belay, just after the avalanche.

Check the wiki ( for actual slide show info that, on promise by the executive, will occur in the near future.

III) Work Hikes

1) Club Room
-Helping the gear master sort gear
-Buying gear at the gear swap

2) Route Cleaning

Tyler Lynn started developing a crag in Hope. There is still work to be done in finishing this project. Kristin is looking into making this into a work hike ( The probably date will be 4-5 of November.

Jeff wants to clean a 5.7 multi-pitch on the Chief. He is looking into what is required. The climb is 400 units long, probably meters, but it could be feet (they were used interchangeably at the meeting). Anyhow, it is really long and it would be really cool to have a 5.7 that went from the bottom to the top of the Chief. 

IV) Upcoming Trips

1) Leavenworth

When: Oct 20-22
Where: Leavenworth Washington
Contact: Matthew Breakey (

Leavenworth is happening this weekend. Weather looks great (knock on wood) and there are still a few spots left. I believe there are 5 cars heading down.

Hope to see you there.    

2) Orienteering School

When: Oct 21 
Where: UBC and Jericho Beach
Contact: Christian (

Check out the Wiki where you can get more information and can sign-up.

3) MEC - Gear Swap

When: Oct 22 
Where: MEC 

Great deals, urban camping, shopping! What more fun could you have on a Sunday. Sign-up on the Wiki if you would like to turn this event into a work hike.

4) Skaha

When: Oct 27-29
Where: Penticton
Contact: Mike Fuller (

Interesting points about this trip are:

-Costumes are strongly encouraged
-There are lots of apples
-There will be a rock 2.5 (a coarse designed to help people learn to sport climb). Rock 2.5 will be the most useful coarse you can take if you want to climb outdoors with other VOCers. Please sign-up on the Wiki if you would like to instruct or attend.

5) Smith Rocks

When: Nov 10-13
Where: Oregon somewhere
Contact: Kia (

This trip is still far away and has many people going. Should be a blast.

V. Trip Reports

1) Brew Hut

When: Oct 14-15
Where: Roe Creek
Author: Scott Nelson

A big thank you to everyone who came out to help on the weekend. The trip was a great success, as we brushed out the entire trail and added a few markers where things were a bit confusing.

Saturday morning we were approached by Roland and Christian and company who were looking to steal a few people to work on the Sphinx Hut since a couple of their people had slept in and missed their rides. Eventually we decided that they had enough people, and so they left. We convoyed up Roe Creek FSR to the bridge and then piled everyone into the trucks for the last couple km. We started work on the clear cut section, which was bulldozed quite effectively before lunch. In the afternoon we worked gradually up the trail and then headed for the hut at about 3:00 or 4:00. Everyone made it up to the hut by the end of the day where we enjoyed dinner and Texas hold'em for M&Ms. It started to rain just after everyone got to the hut, and then turned to rain mixed with snow.

In the morning it was still raining lightly and there was about 1cm of snow here and there. Everyone hiked down to brew lake together and then we started to split up to work on different parts of the trail. About half of the group headed down in the early afternoon and the rest stayed on and Andrew, Robin and Natalie joined us for the rest of the day. We hit the Brew Pub on the way home and kept an eye out for Christian and company but didn't seem them.

2) Waddington

When: This summer
Where: Somewhere in BC

Here is the web page link. It has received pretty good reviews so far.

Quote of the Week: "If you don't let go, you can't fall off!"  
Jerry Moffat
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