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Date : 2006-11-29
Description : VOCene #17
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VOCene #17 - Nov 29, 2006

In this VOCene:

I. Letter from the Editor
II. Slide Shows
III. Work Hikes
IV. Upcoming Trips
     1) Brew Hut
     2) Jared Stanley Memorial Mountain Safety Lecture  
     3) Winter Social
     4) Cliffhanger
V. Trip Reports
     1) Crap Crags Cleaning
	 2) Brew Hut

I. Letter From the Editor

There are many, many trips planned for the Christmas session. I did not include them because there seems to be large amount of overlap and there will probably be some consolidation. Expect at least two long trips over the new year with one at Brew hut. There will be lots of people skiing after exams, which varies for the entire student body. 

We know the ski season is here when:

1) Day light lasts just longer than lunch time

2) We purposely drive through the melt/freeze line to find the most snow covered roads possible.

3) All things feminine migrate down under - 5 layers of insulating wear.

4) We yell with joy when powder washes over our faces and down our backs.

5) We like the slog up the hill because it warms us up from the cold wind on the ski down, we like the ski down because it helps cool us off from the slog up.

6) Hot chocolate has never tasted so good to hold.

7) We joyously wake up at 5:30am to drive 2 hours to freeze all day, the hard core people get up even earlier so they can also throw exhausted into the mix.

8) No matter how cold, wet or exhausted you are from skiing, it is comforting to know that it is not even close to how cold, wet and exhausted you would be if you were ice climbing.

9) Going to bed in a cabin that feels like a sauna, waking up in the same cabin that feels like a freezer the next morning.

10) Having to go pee in the middle of the night, knowing you can either lie there in your bag and suffer, or crawl out of your warm sleeping bag and suffer. 

II. Slide Shows

When: Nov 29, @ 7pm 
Where: Clubroom

3 days backpacking in the Queen Charlotte Islands.
Presented by Maria & Christine. Media: digital & a few good old-fashioned slides.

Check the wiki ( for more information.
III. Work Hikes

Check this link out if you still need one -

IV. Upcoming Trips

1) Brew Hut	
When: Dec 16-19
Where: Brew Hut

Another trip up to the Brew Hut, a beginner friendly overnighter with enough time to recover from the ski in before you have to ski out. Ideally, you should have some outdoor experience and enthusiasm.

2) Jared Stanley Memorial Mountain Safety Lecture (Date Change) 
When: Dec 4th @ 6pm
Where: Geography 100

Jared Stanley was a member of the UBC Avalanche Research Group which spans the departments of Civil Engineering and Geography. Jared passed away while back country skiing at Mount Seymour in January of 2005.  This lecture is aimed at
disseminating the latest in avalanche research, risk management and decision making for back country enthusiasts of all abilities.

3) Winter Social

When: Friday, Dec. 1st. 6pm. Last day of classes, how better to relax before exams?
Where: SUB ballroom

Will be an awesome time, and we need a quorum to make any decisions, so come on out! Pizza and slide show. FREE if you show up by 6. $4 if you're late - yes, that's right, no VOC time.

a) AGM. Discussion on Future Club Spending, Budget, Huts and Trail insurance, New Clubroom Computer, Maybe Exec Elections (Not sure). 
b) FREE PIZZA  (to bribe people to show up for the SAGM).
c) Slide show. Most likely by Nick Elson on his and Stefans Cassin Ridge trip in Alaska. Hardcore.
d) Desert potluck. Bring deserts.
e) Wandering about talking over the loud music that no one is dancing to. Bring iPods, else you have to suffer to Dan's music. 

4) Cliffhanger

When: Tuesday and Thursday @ ~6pm
Where: Cliffhanger Vancouver 

Need to stay in shape/get in shape for the next climbing session? Come out to cliffhanger where you will be able to find a belay. Numbers have dwindled in the last few weeks, but there are still a few of us who will show up regardless.

V. Trip Reports

1) Crap Crag's Cleaning

Jeff did some more work on Crap Crags. His extremely strong jaw muscles (made so by his jaw breaker which he chews on every VOC meeting) saved him from a rather long fall. If you tie a chain saw, prunes, ice axe and other assorted gear to your harness, and then solo rappel down the side of the Chief in snow, sleet and dark, you are bound to have fun.

2) Brew Hut	

Gear was broke, forgotten, and lost. But no people were broke, forgotten or lost, so it was pronounced a successful trip. The huge amount of snow, cold weather, and steep learning curve made this trip less than a picnic, but enjoyed by all.

Quote of the Week:  "If you can bang a pin in with your ice axe without anyone yelling at you and you packed the whiskey 'cause it is the only thing that won't freeze, you're probably alpine climbing."     Christian.
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