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Date : 2007-01-24
Description : VOCene #22
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VOCene #22 - Jan 24, 2007

In this VOCene:

I. Letter from the Editor
II. News
III. Slide Shows
IV. Upcoming Trips
    1) Trail marking at Brian Waddington
    2) Avalanche Course
    3) Backcountry School
    4) Red Rocks
V.  Trip Reports
    1) Tele-school

I. Letter From the Editor

Two things have changed this semester. The first is that no one is
writing trip reports anymore. Trip reports are important because they
provide ideas and condition to other VOCers who may want to emulate
your success or avoid your EPIC (note the capitals). You can either
send trip reports directly to me so post them on the message board.

The second is that non-executive VOCers are not planning trips. To be
fair, the three week training course (tele,avy and backcountry school)
 is only half over, but the number of ski trips available on the
message board or wiki has been rather small.

II. News

-Journal Articles are due to Kaja by Feb 5.
-Photo competition deadline is also February 5. More information is
available at

III. Slide Shows
When: Jan 31 @7pm
Where: Clubroom


Craig will be talking about London to Kathmandu: his transcontinental trip.

IV. Upcoming Trips

1) Trail Marking at Brian Waddington
When: Jan 27-28
Where:  Phelix Creek (North of Pemberton)

Must be able to make the 1000m vertical in a fast enough time to
actually do some work (mark the trail) while carrying a pack. You also
should be able to get to the hut before or at dark.

2) Avalanche Course
When: Jan 27-28
Where: Usually two nights in a class room, one day on the North Shore
and one day at Whistler

This trip has started!

3) Intro to Back Country Skiing
When: Feb 3-4
Where: Backcountry

This trip will be to Rainbow Lake which is just before Whistler. Trip
is rated as a good place for beginners in the Baldwin guide (B2). The
number of beginners is restricted and instructors are required, please
sign-up until this trip is full.

4) Red Rocks
When: Reading Week
Where: Las Vegas Baby!

Best trip I went on last year!

V. Trip Reports
1) Tele School
It was an absolute success (I am a little biased, I organized it). We
had 5 groups of 4-5 students. Weather was beautiful on Saturday and
snowy on Sunday.  The after hill skiing was also interesting.

Quote of the Week:  ""
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