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VOCene #7 - 14 September 2004

Special Notice


VOC Exec Reshuffle - 7pm Wednesday 15th September - SUB 211

Do you crave power? Do you long for prestige?? Is being a VOC Executive a life-long dream for you?? If so do we have a deal for you!!! At the moment the VOC executive roster is undergoing some changes and the position of president is up for grabs. Re-elections will be held this Wednesday at 7pm in SUB 211, with a dessert potluck and entertainment in the form of the Everest IMAX. Gauranteed to be more exciting than Bush VS Kerry!

President and Vice President are currently empty, but please come along if you're interested in helping out on the exec at all, 'cause there will probably be roll down from existing execs filling the top spots. Also come along to vote if you want a say in the future of the club!

Please bring a scrumptious dessert for the potluck. Meeting followed by bevvies in the Gallery...

Upcoming Trips


Longhike (aka Rock Climbing School) will be held on the last weekend in September (25-26). The climbing will happen at Squamish followed by the obligatory enormous after party at Coast Mountain Outdoor centre near Pemberton. There will be 3 levels of instruction:

 * Beginner - an intro to climbing if you've never climbed before
 * Intermediate - you know the basics, and want to learn anchor building and more advanced climbing skills
 * Advanced - you're a solid climber, with extensive seconding experience, and want to learn lead climbing

Mandatory dryschool will be held on Wednesday 22nd September 7pm at a location TBA. Sign up for Longhike at Clubs Days in the SUB Monday 20th - Wednesday 22nd September only.

INSTRUCTORS: if you can instruct at Longhike please contact Matt Brown , and let me know what level you can teach.

Club News



Your membership will expire soon if you haven't already renewed it. This means you'll stop getting the VOCene, lose access to the message board, be unable to borrow gear, and generally excommunicated from the outdoors scene. You can drop down to our fairly spiffy new Clubroom 12:15 to 12:30 M-F (for sure), and renew.


Anyone who's gone on a killer trip and wants to play show and tell, please contact Sarah , if you'd like to give a slideshow. Slideshows happen on Wednesday nights at 7pm on the *new* screen in the clubroom, and are followed by liquid refreshments at the Gallery.


If you have VOC gear, you know who you are. We know who you are too. So please bring it back soon. We're asking nicely.


As you may be aware, the BC government is considering a proposal to build a gondola to the summit of the Chief. The proposal that has been put forward by a group of Whistler developers includes 14-16 tram towers carrying 880 passengers per hour to the second summit, where there will be a hectare area fenced off for a restaurant and viewing deck. The route starts between Shannon Falls and the backside trail, and passes over the Bulletheads, Tantalus Wall and the backside of the South Summit on it's way to the centre summit. Though this would contravene the commitment to no mechanised access set out in the 1997 park management plan, the Ministry of Water, Land and Air protection has "informed the proponents that they may choose to seek community support for an amendment to the management plan". It is important that we as the community make our voices heard. You can do this by writing to the concerned officials:

Bill Barisoff, Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection
P.O. Box 9047, St'n. Prov. Gov't.
Victoria, B.C.
Canada V8W 9E2
(250) 387-1187, or

Gordon Campbell, Premier
P.O. Box 9041, St'n. Prov. Gov't.
Victoria, B.C.
Canada V8W 9E1
Phone (250) 387-1715, or

Ian Sutherland, Mayor
District of Squamish
P.O. Box 310
Squamish, B.C.
Canada V0N 3G0
Phone 1-877-892-5217, or

Trip Reports

1) GLACIER SCHOOL by Matt Brown

30 intrepid students and 7 fearless instructors ventured to the Anniversary Glacier near Joffre Lakes for Glacier School. This year's Glacier School was preceded by "Bush Whacking School", led by Janez Ales on the East Side of Cerise Creek. Torrential rains added to the fun, diverting us through the bush and over 3 impromtu log crossings. 4 hours later, "Bush Whacking School" rejoined the rest of the group, who had sensibly opted for the 1.5 hour highway route (West side of Cerise Creek) to the Keiths hut.

> From there, Glacier scholars dispersed into the mountains to learn the 

finer points of ice axe arrests, snow and ice anchors and pulley systems. Returning drenched in the evening, everyone was grateful for a cup of hot choccy with a touch of Baileys.

The following morning dawned bright and clear, with a dusting of new snow on the peaks. Perfect conditions for glacier romping ensued, and everyone at last got chance to dry their soaked underpants.

Finally, the logging road escape route proved to be cruxy. Matt's 3 wheeled Honda and Luisa's batteryless van competed to see who could best block the narrow channel through the forest, finally emerging with a collected sigh of relief at Hwy 99.

Thx to Tom and Jordan for organising, and to Pete, Tim, Tom, Matt, Janez, Chris and Roberta for instructing.

2) TRICOUNI MEADOWS by Sandra Nicol

On the labour day long weekend Sandra and Scott hiked into the Tricouni
meadows/Seagram lakes area.  Our new truck did very well (hurray for
four wheel drive!).  The hike in was pretty muddy but short, ending at a
lake with a large distinctive island.  We hiked to another lake west of
Cypress mountain, set up camp, and went up Cypress via a very
inefficient route.  At one point Scott looked at me and said 'did you
read the route description?' and I said 'no, I thought you did!'.  So we
had to navigate into twilight back to camp.  The stars were amazing.  On
Sunday we climbed Tricouni, again by one of the harder possible routes
on the southwest face (we found a much better way down).  Great views of
Garibaldi lake and the Barrier.  A quick swim in the very cold lake and
we were on our way out again.  A beautiful area well worth visiting for
hikers and climbers alike (oooh, clean solid granite!)

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club
Room 29A, Student Union Building

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