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Date : 2007-02-07
Description : VOCene #23
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VOCene #23 - Feb 7, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Letter from the Editor
II. Work Hikes
III. Slide Shows (x2)
IV. Upcoming Trips
     1) Neve
     2) Ice-fishing
     3) Red Rocks
     4) Banquet
V.  Trip Reports
     1) Intro to Back-country
I. Letter From the Editor

Congratulations on all of the VOCers who made submissions to the photo contest and the journal. I have seen all of the photo entries and the quality is absolutely amazing. Also, there have been 33 articles submitted to Kaja, all before the deadline. There are still a few articles coming from trips that have not happened yet like Red Rocks, but that is truly amazing. I think that this is a record in terms of VOC punctuality, maybe even deserving of an award.

II. Work Hikes

There are two possibilities for work hikes this weekend:
1) There is always work to be done on crap crags. Contact Jeff @  for details. Most of the kinks have been worked out so there is a much smaller chance of an epic although an epic is still very possible.
2) Christian may require volunteers for a work hike somewhere, sometime, maybe. Contact him @  to see.

III. Slide Shows 

Lots of upcoming slide shows, check out the wiki for up-to-date information (

When: Feb 7, Wed. 7pm  
Where: Clubroom

How not to reach the Waddington range by sea kayak. Presented by Christian, Jeff and Scott. They promise "Epics guaranteed", I hope they are referring to their trip and not your trip to their slide show. 

When: February 14, Wed. 7pm  
Where: Civil and Mechanical Engineering building, room 1202

We are flying in a professional speaker for this one. Well, he is actually flying in himself. Dave Quinn will be speaking about a dual hike/ski traverse of the Purcell's from Kimberley to Rogers' Pass and the endangered mountain caribou. Donations will be accepted at the door. 

IV. Upcoming Trips

1) Neve Traverse
When: Feb 17-20
Where: Garibaldi Park

This is a classic Vancouver area trip with a nice mixture of touring and yo-yoing possibilities. Total distance is 45km and if everything goes as planned, all nights are spent in a hut. This trip does go through avalanche terrain and the route finding is far from trivial (someone on the trip should have done it before). Also, a huge section of the trip is on a glacier. I have never done it, but it is on the top of my to-do list. If you have a car, you are most welcome to join.

2) Ice-Fishing
When: Feb 17-18
Where: Kamloops

Does ice-climbing scare you? Do you like standing at belays freezing? Do ice screws look small and fiddly? If you answered yes to any of these, ice fishing is your sport! Ice fishers use one huge ice screw (auger) that make climbing ice screws look like toys. The grade is as low as it can get and you don't even have to rope in. You get all of the standing at the belay stance fun as ice-climbing, but you actually have a decent chance of catching something! Last, but not least, you should bring something home other than sore muscles from ice fishing.

3) Red Rocks
When: Reading Week
Where: Las Vegas Baby!

Best trip I went on last year!

4) Banquet
When: April 4
Where: TBA

Remembering and celebrating the events that made the year one last time.

V. Trip Reports
1) Intro to Back Country Skiing
Here is a list of highlights by Charlie & myself):
-Racing trains to level crossings
-Freeing a stuck 4x4 that made it an amazingly far distance up a ski-doo track.
-Denting my tail gate towing the same 4x4 out.
-Wriggling like a fat worm to attempt getting up with far too heavy a pack on
-Best mulled wine this year, which is saying a lot (might have been the Vodka Line added)
-Seeing how many people you can cram into a two-man tent (warmer that way)
-Too much tickling to be entirely innocent
-Walking into Tim Horton's at 7am wearing nothing but see-through thermals
-The best rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody ever known!!!
-The rock slide that "forced" us to stay at a beautiful whistler lodge for the night, for free. 
-Getting up at 4:45 on Monday to get back to town before work/school.
Quote of the Week: "Life can be fine if we both sixty-nine"
"Sit on my Face" from "Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl"
This quote may seem completely unrelated to the outdoors. However, this quote was side splitting funny as it was sung (with the rest of the song) around the square table by Rainbow Lake on Intro to Back Country.
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