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Date : 2007-02-28
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VOCene #25 - Feb 26, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Letter from the Editor
II. Work Hikes
III. News
IV. Slide Shows
V. Upcoming Trips
     1) Birthday at Brew	
     2) Piotr's Instructional Climbing Camp
     3) Duncan's non-Instructional Mountaineering Camp
     4) Cliffhanger
     5) Banquet
VI.  Trip Reports
     1) VIMFF
     2) Neve
     4) Red Rocks
     5) Spearhead Traverse turned Phelix Hut
I. Letter From the Editor

The back-country has a way of changing what you thought was important in your life. I never thought toilet paper would be one of the most coveted items in a back-country hut, but it was this weekend at Phelix. Down coats become the chic clothing item. You just arn't cool if you don't own one. Deodorant and perfume are not worth anything, at least in the VOC. The smell of the other skiers easily over powers anything a cosmetics company can synthesis. Gadgets like sat phones and GPS sometimes make you popular when they are needed, but they are hardly ever needed and thus mostly dead weight. Yo-yoing is brutal work, yet is more fun than the most entertaining work I have ever done in an office. The back-country has a way of sorting out what is important in life. 

II. Workhikes

1) Gear Repairs
When: March 6 @ 5-7pm
Where: Clubroom

Help us keep our gear in good shape. If you have broken something, this is a good chance to repent your sins. 

2) Crap Crags
When: Always
Where: The Chief

Falcon season is a lot later than initially thought, but there is still a ton of work left to do. Cleaning crap crags is actually a very enjoyable experience if you believe that you do not have to be having fun to be having fun.

3) Letter Writing
When: March 13 @ 6pm
Where: Club room
Help save the Mountain Caribou. Bring food to share if you have food to share/the ability to cook something that other people will actually want to eat. 

III. News

-A computer was Donated by Nick Chng and it is now up and running in the clubroom, or at least most of the time.

-Parks Canada Speakers Series at the Vancouver Public Library will be presenting "Wolverines: Skilled Hunters of the North" by David Henry. The presentation will be Wednesday, March 14 @ 7:30 pm. Location is Alma Van Dusen and Peter Kaye Rooms, Lower Level Central Library, 350 West Georgia Street. Most importantly, Admission is Free.

IV. Slide Shows   
When: 7pm
Where: Clubroom
* February 28: A hilarious account of 'How to build a bouldering wall', by Dominic  
* March 7: Craig's Crazy Cross-Continental Adventures - Part II: Kathmandu to Taiwan, featuring trekking and mountaineering in Khumbu, Nepal and Climbing and Deep Water soloing in Krabi, Thailand  

V. Upcoming Trips

1) Birthday at Brew	
When: March 3-4
Where: Brew Hut

A birthday celebration in the back-country at Brew Hut. There will be warm mulled wine, a warm fire, hearty food and hearty song... oh and hopefully more "mad pow". The route in to Brew Hut is reasonably beginner friendly, and all are welcome, but you should have some winter camping skills, have carried an over night pack and have been on back-country skis before. Snowshoer's are also welcome, as long as there are more than one of you so that it doesn't matter if we split into two groups. 

2) Piotr's Excellent Ice Climbing camp
When: March 3-4
Where: The Rambles

Learn to ice climb and become an 'ard man! There will be a pre-trip meeting on Thursday at 5:30 in the clubroom.

3) Duncan's non-Instructional mountaineering camp
When: March 3-4
Where: Matier/Joffre

Basically, Ducan is organizing rides and the mulled wine. The rest is up to you. If you want instruction, you will have to bring your own instructor. There will be mulled mine so it will be a good time, especially if you bring a cute instructor! 

4) Cliffhanger

Some VOCers go climbing at cliff on Monday and Thursday at 6pm. The climbing season is just around the corner, get in shape now so you can make fun of all the out of shape people in the spring who didn't think ahead. 

5) Banquet
When: April 4
Where: TBA

Remembering and celebrating the events that made the year. There will be prizes to the best and worst of the VOC. 

VI. Trip Reports
1) Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival

Thanks French Christain for getting VOCers a discount.

2) Neve Traverse

As I understand it, weather and Red Christian's health did not cooperate. No Neve was attempted, but there was some pretty nice turns to be had at Sphinx hut and Christian made it back alive. An all around pretty successful outing. 

3) Red Rocks

Best trip this year too! Except for Phelix, which was pretty wicked.

5) Spear Head Traverse turned Phelix Creek

Amazing, absolutely amazing. The trip started with a 50% off dinner at the Brew Pub (Thursdays are half off appetizers). There were more consistent steep and deep lines than we could ski. We yo-yoed until we couldn't yo-yo no more. Then went back to a warm hut, ate great food, talked, drank, and were finally lulled to sleep by the soft snoring and farting of other happy VOCers. The ski out was fast and clean and can be done in just over 52 minutes. I'm sure it can be done faster.

Here is a link to Pete's blog of the trip . His blog is an excellent resource for trip ideas. 
Quote of the Week: "One method of getting loved ones to look more fondly on your climbing is to tell them that since you've started climbing you hardly do drugs anymore."     David Harris.
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