Document type : vocene
Date : 2007-04-12
Description : VOCene #1
Content :
VOCene #1 - April 12, 2007

Hello.  I am the new VOCene editor.  You should already know this because you should have been at the
banquet.  If not, well, your loss.  Anyway, I plan on sending VOCenes out over the summer, probably
even once a week.  If you think that is a bad idea, let me know.

I'll probably start harassing people for more VOCene content in the future, but for the meantime, you
can email me anything you want to have included, either to this account ( or to
the email address on the member list.  If  you want to be sure that it gets included, you should probably 
put "vocene" somewhere in the subject.

I'll hopefully get more organized with this soon, but I figured this issue was already "late" so I'd
send one out immediately.

Upcoming events:

Norm Wall Climbing Competition
Thursday April 19th, 7:00pm
Cost: $5
There will be prizes.  Generally you climb routes and get points based on how much you fall etc.  See
the message board for details.  Jeff is also looking for volunteers (see the message board).  This is
always a good time of climbing and hanging out.

MEC Spring Gear Swap
April 28-29
Cost: Loss of sleep
MEC is having their spring gear swap again.  They will be selling off rental gear too.  If you want the
good stuff, show up the evening before, sleep outside MEC and then rush in when it opens Sunday
morning.  Officially it starts at 10:30am.  If you show up then you won't get anything.

There are a bunch of other events either about to start, or more in the planning stages.  Check the
message board if you are keen to find some last minute activity this weekend, or to plan for the future.
Remember the Sun Run is this Sunday morning.  Don't really plan on going anywhere near downtown
Vancouver around race time.


Skaha Access
As you may be aware, access to the climbing area at the Skaha Bluffs is becoming more difficult.  Plans
have been put in place to solve this problem permanently by purchasing some adjacent land.
Unfortunately $1 million needs to be raised.  MEC has donated $250000 and agreed to match member
donations up to an additional $100000.  For more information (and to donate) go to:

Elk Mountain Trail Logging
The popular Elk Mountain Trail in Chilliwack is in danger of being logged.  For more information:

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