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Date : 2007-04-25
Description : VOCene #3
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VOCene #3 - April 25, 2007
In this VOCene:
I. Trip Reports
     1) Climbing Competition (April 19)
     2) Beginner Kayak Trip (April 21-22)
     3) Tricouni (April 21)
     4) Garibaldi (April 21-22)
     5) Europa (April 21-22)
II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) MEC Spring Gear Swap
     2) McBride
     3) Summer BBQ #1
     4) Frisbee and Fire
     5) The Reel Paddling Film Festival
     6) Seymour
I. Trip Reports

1) Climbing Competition (April 19)
The annual Norm Wall climbing competition was
a blast.  There were tons of people.  So many that it was almost hard
to climb!  Prizes went to:
Best Male Overall: Mike Young
Best Female Overall: Charlie Caunt
Best Naked Male: Duncan McPhedran
Best Naked Female: Kaja Sadowski
Door Prize #1: Natalie Stafl
Door Prize #2: Matthew Breakey

2) Beginner Kayak Trip (April 21-22)
There is a long TR on the message board.  Sounds like everyone had a
good time and that Eva learned something about guiding.  Weather
appears to have been good and the area was deemed spectacular.
Apparently Indian Arm isn't such a long trip after all.

3) Tricouni (April 21)
Scott N. and Richard S. skied to the top of Tricouni and found some
sweet snow.  Apparently it is still out there if you look hard

4) Garibaldi (April 21-22)
Christian V., Piotr, Lara, Line, and Matthew C. tried to go up
Garibaldi but instead got separated and lost.  Christian said it was
the worst night of his life.  In the end, despite the RCMP being
phoned, everyone was ok.  Read the long discussion on the message
board to learn something about what not to do.

5) Europa (April 21-22)
On Saturday Jeff and I tried to climb Europa for the second first
ascent (first ascent of the new line).  We failed.  The run out face
climb was too hard for Jeff (seems like it'd be hard 10 or easy 11
when fully clean) and the original chimney has filled with mud.  We
ended up rapping down.  Jeff is working out a solution.  Probably a
bolt ladder off to the side of the hard part.  On Sunday Jeff and
Christian went to clean.  Jeff caused his first core shot on the whale
rope but they survived.

I. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) MEC Spring Gear Swap
When: April 28-29
Where: MEC Vancouver store

MEC is having their spring gear swap again.  They will be selling off
rental gear too.  If you want the good stuff, show up the evening
before, sleep outside MEC and then rush in when it opens Sunday
morning.  Officially it starts at 10:30am.  If you show up then you
won't get anything.

2) McBride
This is basically a private trip, but I'm mentioning it since it will
prevent me from sending a VOCene next week (sorry!).  Scott N, Sandra,
Krystil and myself will be doing the McBride traverse.  Wish us luck!
For those who want to learn where this is, see:

3) Summer BBQ #1
Where: Locarno Beach (at the foot of Tolmie St)
When: Wednesday, May 2nd, 7pm
What to bring: yourself. Also grill-ables, slacklines, hacky sacks,
frisbees, friends and other amusements.

This is a great time to catch up with those you haven't seen in ages
if your an old-timer, to get involved and meet new people if you're a
new member, and to relax and plan awesome summer trips regardless of
who you are.

4) Frisbee and Fire
Where: Wreck Beach
When: Thursday, April 26, 6:30pm

This seems to be a recurring event.  Apparently it was fun last week.
All welcome!  Check the message board for updates.

5) The Reel Paddling Film Festival
Where: Pacific Cinematheque, 1131 Howe St, Vancouver, BC
When: May 15, 7:00pm-10:00pm

Join Mountain Equipment Co-op, for a night of the best international
canoeing, whitewater and sea kayaking films of the year.  The Reel
Paddling Film Festival showcases a small selection of films from the
World Tour, including the six festival category winners.  Join
passionate filmmakers as they explore rivers, lakes and oceans with
paddlers pushing the limits of their sport.  Ticket holders are
entitled to a free subscription for RAPID Magazine and entry to win
door prizes.
Tickets $6.00 at Mec or $8.00 at the door

6) Seymour
Where: Mt. Seymour
When: Saturday, April 28

Roland is leading a trip to Mount Seymour this Saturday.  Mahdi has
spaces available in his truck.  Go for free skiing (bring your own
gear as the mountain is closed) or just walk around.  See message
board for details.  Should be "beginner friendly!"
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