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Date : 2007-05-16
Description : VOCene #5
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VOCene #5 - May 16, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Red Heather
     2) Mt. Baker
     3) Calculus Crack
     4) Mt. Matier
II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Beginner Rock (May 26)
     2) Frisbee (ongoing)
     3) Squamish Mountain Film Festival (July 13-21)
     4) Weekday Afternoon Rock Climbing
     5) Long Weekend
I. Trip Reports

1) Red Heather
Roland and others went up on Saturday and reported good learning
conditions.  Christian took his parents up on Sunday and they did some
learning.  Seems like a good place to hang out and learn to ski if
that is your desire.

2) Mt. Baker
Alexander Rauscher and co. tried Baker in a day and made it almost to
the top despite a relatively late start.  Seems Baker is in good
condition right now.  Check the message board for more details and some pictures.

3) Mia C. and Jeff M. climbed calculus crack.  Seeing as this was
Mia's first climb this was pretty amazing.  Then they went to Murrin
and witnessed some, err, unsavory behaviour (see msg. board).
Apparently Mia caught Jeff taking some huge whipper.  Good times.

4) Mt. Matier
Bram and crew went up Mt. Matier and reported that there is excellent
camping to be had at Camp Excellent.  Apparently the Aussie Couloir is
still in good shape.

II. Upcoming Events and Trip

1) Beginner Rock
When: May 26
Where: Squamish
A group of instructors will take a group of beginners for some
introductory rock climbing.  Ideally this is for people with no
outdoor experience, and maybe even no indoor experience.  Sign up on
the wiki (either as an instructor or student) and check the message
board for more details as the trip approaches.

2) Frisbee
Where: The base of Tolmie.
When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Check the message board for the lates updates

3) Squamish Mountain Film Festival
When: July 13-21
Where: Squamish (presumably)
Christian should be able to get us a deal on tickets.  Stay tuned.

4) Weekday Afternoon Rock Climbing
Piotr is organizing some after school/work rock climbing, most likely
in lighthouse park.  See msg. board to take part.

5) Long Weekend
Numermous people are doing things on the long weekend, some of which
you could join.  See the message board.  Some people are going
climbing, some skiing, some are still getting organized.


CASBC = Climber's Access Society of British Columbia

Skaha Access fundraising is going well, but much more suport is
needed.  Money is needed to purchase land to provide access in
perpetuity.  MEC will match your donation if you are a member.  For
more info and to donate (do it!) go to

Someone logged the Upper Malamute without permission.  They are in
trouble.  While things are being cleaned up, be careful not to trip
over any downed trees etc.
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