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Date : 2007-06-07
Description : VOCene #8
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VOCene #8 - June 8, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) South Needle
     2) Quadra Island Rock
     3) Wedge NW Couloir
     4) Mt. James Turner
     5) Birds of Prey
II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Frisbee and Punch
     2) Weekday Afternoon Rock Climbing
     3) Whitewater Kayaking (June 10)
     4) Aussie Couloir

III. Other
Sorry for the late VOCene this week.

I. Trip Reports

1) Vince had some fun scrambling around on the North Shore.  A sign on
the trail said: "Rough, demanding route. Hellish in fact."  Vince
described it as "a fun adventure and 'easy' scramble."

2) Quadra Island Rock
Jeff and Iva went to Quadra and climbed a route.  Apparently there is
a lot of potential in the area.  Given that Jeff saw potential in Crap
Crags, it isn't entirely clear what exactly awaits the adventurous who
travel to Quadra to climb.

3) Wedge NW Couloir
Scott N., Christian V., Line, Matt G. and Piotr hiked up to Wedge.
Originally Christian, Line and Piotr were going to climb the arete,
but when they woke up and the snow was still soft they joined up with
Scott and Matt to climb the couloir.  Since things were going pretty
well, Christian decided to have Line leave her skis at the bottom in
order to create some ridiculousness.  When they got to the top, he
gave her one of his skis and they both strapped a shovel blade to
their other foot for the trip to the summit.  Scott, Matt and
Christian had a good ski down the couloir to finish things off.  And
they saw some girls in bikinis.

4) Mt. James Turner
Richard and Tim also visited the same area but ventured a bit
further.  As they were apparently travelling "fast and light" they
only brought their tent fly and no poles.  Apparently it was on
purpose this time.  They managed to survive anyway with the crux
apparently being the oppressive heat and the black goo.  Black goo was
reported by the Wedge team as well.  Might want to carry some ski
cleaning supplies this time of year.

5) Birds of Prey
Kaja and Duncan tried to climb Birds of Prey in Squamish.  Apparently
it is quite dirty early in the season, adding to the excitement.
Unfortunately, early into the second pitch, Duncan destructed his
shoulder, so they had to retreat.  They managed to do this in
ridiculous fashion.

II. Upcoming Events and Trip

1) Frisbee and Punch (Friday)
Alice is organizing a frisbee event on Wreck this Friday evening.
Punch will be provided.  Whether or not the event will be a potlatch
or a potluck is still under negotiation on the message board.

2) Weekday Afternoon Rock Climbing (Thursday, ongoing)
This week's destination is Copper Cove, just south of Horeshoe Bay.

3) Whitewater Kayaking (June 10)
Looks like we're getting an intro the whitewater session organized.
See the wiki and board for details:

4) Aussie Couloir (June 9/10)
Sounds like a gazillion people are heading up to Joffre to climb and
possibly ski the Aussie Couloir.  Hopefully the road won't be washed

III. Other
Christian S. sends this sad news:

Jamie Hogan was a VOC member who just finished her first year at
UBC. Early on Saturday, June 2, she was killed in a car crash in her
hometown of Washington, DC. Jamie loved to climb, and joined the VOC
eager to try new things. I have fond memories of climbing with her as
well as living with her in Place Vanier. Her smile was infectious and
it always brightened my day to see her. She will be dearly missed, and
my heart goes out to everyone who knew her.
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