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Date : 2007-07-04
Description : VOCene #12
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VOCene #12 - July 4, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
    1) First Brother, Manning Park
    2) Cathedral Provincial Park
    3) Thiassi
    4) Climbing in the USA on Canada Day
    5) Squamish-Cheakamus Divide Ski Traverse
    6) Twin Lakes
    7) Kettle Valley Railway

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
    1) July BBQ, TODAY
    2) Beginner Trip to Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park, July 7-8
    3) Castle Towers, July 7-8
    4) Beginner Trip to Mount Price, July 14-15
I. Trip Reports

An action packed VOCene this week!

1) First Brother, Manning Park
Scott Nelson and Sandra Nicol hiked to the top of the First Brother in
Manning Park on the weekend.  They reported that the meadows were
blooming and that the hike is very accessible, with a road to 1800m!

2) Cathedral Provincial Park
Anne Webster and I went to Cathedral Provincial Park and found
great weather and enjoyable alpine walking and scrambling.  We climbed
Grimface and Pyramid mountain.  A different VOC group (Tyler Linn,
Nick Elson and Sarah climbed a new route on Macabre tower and
traversed over to Grimface a few hours after us.  The Wall Creek
approach seems superior and probably a good place for a group camp.

3) Thiassi
Tim Blair and Piotr Forysinski hiked and skied to Thiassi, generating
terrible blisters on Piotr's feet (lots of snow starting at 5200').
They climbed the east ridge of Thiassi the next day.

4) Climbing in the USA on Canada Day
Matt Breakey's summary trip report:
1. Borders suck. We waited three hours to be asked 15 seconds of
questions and be waved through without a glance at passports. I'm
guess it was the smell coming from our car. Without a token girl, guys
2. SUVs can be operated like flintstone cars, both go and stop. Great
way to waste time in the boarder line.
3. One cup of coffee will get me wired for hours. I drove from 7:30pm
to 3:30am with an entire car passed out around me (at times). Does
coffee do this to other people?
4. Index is an awesome place to go. The climbing is great (there is
enough easy stuff for 2 full days for 5.9 trad climbers). The camping
is free, guide book is cheap, the crag close to the camping, drinking
water is available free in town, beer is dirt cheap, etc.
5. I need very detailed maps or I will end up bashwacking, even with
Chris to try and rein me in. Spent 5 hours bushwacking on monday with
Chris for "fun" (aka. find the crag that no one goes to for a reason)
6. If a bunch of VOCers set a deadline, they will make it by the skin
of their teeth. We needed to get Holger to Everett to catch a bus at
10:10, we dropped him off at 9:50 after rushing the last three hours
after climbing. I can't believe he actually made his bus.
7. Leave your bag at the bottom of Orbit on snow creek wall. The
decent trail passes right by the start.

5) Squamish-Cheakamus Divide Ski Traverse
Evan Morris, Steve Mulle and Jason Bedard skied from Callaghan to
Brandywine.  Along the way they had a bunch of car trouble, waded
through a river and lake right next to a bridge and caught Scott
Nelson and Sandra Nicol on a snowmobile!  Good times.

6) Twin Lakes
Richard So, Fred Touche and Robin McKillop hiked up the
Barkley Valley to the Twin Lakes area and did some scrambling.  They
reported that it was just like Switzerland.

7) Kettle Valley Railway
Gili Rosenberg and Maya cycled the KVR for 11 days and 650 km from
Midway to Hope.  They had great weather, saw a lot of wildlife and
picked 19 lbs. of cherries!

II. Upcoming Trips and Events

1) July BBQ, TODAY
Time: 6:30 pm
Today is the July BBQ.  Weather looks great.  Come down to the beach
at the base of Tolmie St. with some food and enjoy the summer!  There
should be some frisbee as well...

2) Beginner Trip to Pinecone-Burke Provincial Park, July 7-8
Matthew Baker is leading a beginner friendly trip to the South (burke) end of
Pinecone Burke provincial park this weekend.  Participants and drivers

3) Castle Towers, July 7-8
Chris Petrus is trying to organize a trip to Castle Towers this
weekend.  See the message board for more info.

4) Beginner Trip to Mount Price, July 14-15
Christian Veenstra is organizing a beginner friendly trip to Mount
Price.  No particular experience required.  See the message board and
wiki if you are keen to explore Garibaldi Provincial park!
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