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Date : 2007-07-25
Description : VOCene #14
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VOCene #14 - July 25, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
    1) Mt. Price via Brohm Ridge
    2) Self Arrest on Strachan
    3) Phelix Trail Work
    4) Elfin Lakes

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
    1) Frisbee, July 25
    2) WARC, July 26
    3) Mt. Gardner, July 28/29
I. Trip Reports

1) Mt. Price via Brohm Ridge
Christian Veenstra led a "beginner friendly" trip to climb Mt. Price
with the unusual approach route of Brohm Ridge.  In the end there were
26 people on the trip, a large group even by VOC standards.  The route
was very nice and included a great campsite on the outwash plain of
the Warren Glacier, next to Culliton Creek.  For more info and links
to many photos see the message board thread:

2) Self Arrest on Strachan
After witnessing several uncontrolled (and thankfully not to
dangerous) slides on the Mt. Price trip, Christian decided to lead
another beginner trip to practice self-arrest.  The Christmas Gully (I
believe this is the name?) on the back side of Mt. Strachan (in
Cypress Provincial Park) was chosen as a convenient location for an
evening trip from the city.  Some snow was located just as the sun was
setting and practicing was accomplished into the night.  Snow
conditions were a little bumpy, but lots of learning occured.

3) Phelix Trail Work
Hmm. This trip was also led by Christian!
Anyway, a new trail on the west side of Phelix Creek was initiated on
the weekend by a group of 12.  Unlike the above two trips this one was
semi-epic as the chainsaw crew took a little longer than expected to
bushwack to the hut with the chainsaws (in a torrential downpour).
They were eventually recovered by the rescue party.  There is now a
cleared trail through the slide paths.  There are two good sections
with an uncleared portion in between.  They essentially follow the
yellow winter flagging (up high) with some new flagging down low.  The
upper part of the route is still a bushwack, but it is relatively easy
to join the old trail (after it crosses back to the west side of the
creek) for the last portion if you want.

4) Elfin Lakes
Lindsay, Ashlee, Olivia and Vince made a trip to Elfin Lakes in the
rain last weekend.  They did some exploring and sliding on the snow
and enjoyed the boisterous company in the hut (though they slept in
tents to avoid the worst of it).  TR is here:

II. Upcoming Trips and Events

1) Frisbee, July 25
Looks like Frisbee is happening again tonight.

2) WARC, July 26
Weekday Afternoon Rock Climbing (WARC) is being revived tomorrow
(Thursday) at Lighthouse Park.  Sounds like people will be there
throughout the day.

3) Mt. Gardner, July 28/29
A trip to Mt. Gardner on Bowen Island is being organized for one of
the days this weekend.  Should be beginner friendly.  See the thread
for more info.
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