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Date : 2007-08-01
Description : VOCene #15
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VOCene #15 - August 1, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
    1) Christian's Phelix Solo Attack
    2) Mt. Sloan - NE Ridge
    3) Richard's Intro to Alpine Climbing

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
    1) August BBQ, TONIGHT Aug. 1
    2) Phelix Creek Workhike, Aug. 4-6
    3) Tantalus, Long Weekend-ish

III. Recreation and Conservation
    1) Brohm Ridge Development, deadline for comments Aug. 5
I. Trip Reports

1) Christian V. was able to scroung up a vehicle and drove himself and
his bicycle up to the Phelix Creek Road.  He then strapped on his
thousand pound backpack (filled with tools) and discovered that riding
a bike was no longer so easy on the flats, let alone up a steep
logging road.  Eventually he made it to the hut and finished the
installation of a beautiful bridge so that you don't have to get your
toes wet.  Thanks Christian.

2) Mt. Sloan - NE Ridge
Steve Gillanders and "The Assassin" (???) climbed the NE Ridge of
Mt. Sloan.  Despite some snow flurries they made it to the top and
seemed to have a good time.  The unoften used VOC rating system even made
an appearance in the thread!

3) Richard's Intro to Alpine Climbing
Richard, Tyler, Nick and Krystil went climbing in the Anderson River
group.  A detailed and interesting TR is available:

II. Upcoming Trips and Events

1) August BBQ, TONIGHT Aug. 1
Tonight is the August BBQ.  Come one, come all to the base of Tolmie
St.  Fireworks are later tonight so plan to stay for the whole

2) Phelix Creek Workhike, Aug. 4-6
Another trail building workhike to the Brian Waddington Hut.  Some
scrambling will likely occur on Sunday, so it won't be all work.  It
is unlikely that we could get wetter than last time, so that's another
plus.  Come see "the peavey" in action.

3) Tantalus Range, Long Weekend-ish
Looks like some folks might make their way to the Lake Lovelywater
area this long weekend.  Still being planned, but ask around at the
BBQ or check out the message board.

III. Recreation and Conservation

1) Brohm Ridge Development
The deadline for public comments on the Garibaldi at Squamish resort
development in the Brohm Ridge area is Aug. 5.  Check out our wiki
page for more info and where to send your comments.  Even a quick
email will help let your voice be heard.
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