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Date : 2007-09-05
Description : VOCene #17
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VOCene #17 - September 5, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Tsylos
     2) Mountaineering Camp
     3) Other reports

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Brew Hut Workhike
     2) Glacier School
     3) Slideshow
     4) Longhike
     5) Other trips

III. Conservation and Recreation
     1) Save Skaha

Welcome back!  For new members who have just recently joined, this is
the VOCene, a weekly email newsletter about club events.

I. Trip Reports

1) Tsylos
Two VOC groups just returned from visiting Tsylos Provincial
Park and the Tchaikazan Valley.  This area is a long drive, but
apparently quite beautiful.  Check out the message board threads for
trip reports and photos.

2) Mountaineering Camp
This year Mountaineering Camp was held at Wedgemount Lake in Garibaldi
Provincial Park.  Various groups climbed Wedge, Lesser Wedge, Weart,
Rethel and Cook.  A dinghy made a rare visit to this frigid lake.  The
weather was generally terrible, but Saturday was quite nice.  Trip
reports and pics:

3) Other reports
There are a bunch more trip reports on the message board right now.
People seem to have been doinga great job of prefacing their post with
"TR:" so they are easy to spot.  Have a read (especially if you are
new) and see what others in the club are up to.

II. Upcoming Events and Trip

1) Brew Hut Workhike, September 8-9
Scott Nelson is organizing a trip to the Brew Hut to do some
maintenance on the trail and hut.  Brew is one of four huts that the
VOC maintains in the local mountains.  Each VOC member is expected to
attend at least one workhike per year in order to earn the privilege
of borrowing gear.  There will undoubtedly be singing and tasty
goodies.  More info on the message board and wiki:

2) Glacier School, September 15-16
Glacier school is the annual VOC instructional trip for learning how
to travel safely on glaciers.  Unfortunately it is now full due to
overwhelming demand.  There is a waitlist you can sign up on if think
you are lucky :) Dry school will be Wednesday September 12th
6:30-9:30pm in Buchanan A100.  Dry school is mandatory.  Waitlist
people can show up and if there are no-shows you get their spot.
Glacier1 instructors are desperately needed.  Please sign up.

3) Slideshow
Rumour has it that there will be a slideshow next week.  It won't be
in the traditional Wednesday time slot due to Dry School so watch the
message board for updates.

4) Longhike, October 6-7
Longhike is an annual VOC rock climbing school and party.  Not much
hiking usually occurs.  It will be on Thanksgiving Weekend, October
6-7.  This is the event of the year, so uhh, don't agree to go to your
relatives for dinner.  Details to come.  Tickets will be on sale at
Clubs Days, in a couple weeks.

5) Other Trips
There are a few other trips in the works, so check the message board
for some other options for this weekend in case you are allergic to
blueberries and can't go to Brew.

III. Conservation and Recreation

1) Save Skaha Here is the latest update from the Climbers' Access
Society of BC.

The deadline for raising the $1 million for the Skaha purchase is
September 30th. Donations now total about $600,000, including large
contributions from Mountain Equipment Co-op, Arc'Teryx, Black Diamond,
The Edge Climbing Centre, Cliffhanger (Vancouver and Coquitlam), and
several sections of the Alpine Club of Canada. The Access Society has
pledged $10,000. The Land Conservancy of B.C.  (TLC) is working hard
to raise the balance, through donations, grants, and other sources, so
that there is long-term access to Skaha Bluffs for climbers and the
public. The climbing community has to do all it can to help with the
last $400,000. There's only a month to go.TLC has an agreement to buy
300 hectares of private land at Skaha (sublot 18 - southeast of
Braesyde parking). It closes on September 30th. When/if the land is
bought, and needed work done, it will provide permanent public access
to Skaha. All the land, added together, will make a
good-sizedprotected area, valuable for both recreation and
conservation.Thanks to TLC' s partners, a generous donation by the
current owner, and other donations, much of the needed money has been
raised. (The total price is more than $1 million.)

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