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Date : 2007-09-12
Description : VOCene #18
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VOCene #18 - September 12, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Ashlu, South Face
     2) Brew Hut Workhike
     3) Saxifrage
     4) Anvil Island and Sky Pilot

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Glacier School, Sept. 15-16 (Dry School TONIGHT)
     2) Slideshows (ongoing, starting TONIGHT)
     3) Clubs Days, Sept. 19-21
     4) Longhike, Oct. 6-7

III. Other
     1) Save Skaha
     2) T-Shirt Contest (non-wet)
     4) IISAAK

Welcome back!  For new members who have just recently joined, this is
the VOCene, a weekly email newsletter about club events.

I. Trip Reports

1) Ashlu, South Face Chris M. and Richard S. climbed the south face of
Mt. Ashlu.  Apparently access is possible again, but watch out for
sinkholes!  They report that the route was easier than expected, or
maybe they were just simul-climbing and not placing gear because they
are hard-core.

2) Brew Hut Workhike
Scott N. led an intrepid crew of workers up to Brew and did some trail
clearing and painting.  Seems like decent progress was made, including
the enlargement of a natural log bridge that should become a nice snow
bridge in winter.  Thanks for all the hard work.  Remember that
everyone has to complete a workhike in order to be able to borrow gear.

3) Saxifrage
April, Meghan and Vince climbed Saxifrage after enjoying some logging
road adventures and the wonders of green flagging tape.  Full
(amusing) TR is here:

4) Anvil Island and Sky Pilot
Natalie S., Jeff M. and Jeff's brother Blair were up to their usual
antics recently.  Jeff attempted a technical route up Leading Peak
with his leg in a cast (Natalie and Blair made it to the top) and
Natalie and Blair went and climbed Sky Pilot the next week.  Sky Pilot
access is a long logging road slog at the moment.

II. Upcoming Events and Trip

1) Glacier School, Sept. 15-16 (Dry School TONIGHT)
Glacier School is this weekend.  It is full.  MANDATORY Dry School is
tonight at 6:30pm in Buchanan A100 (lasts a few hours).  If you don't
show up, your place will be given to someone on the waitlist (waitlist
people should show up because invariably some people don't come).

2) Slideshows
There is a slideshow being given by Charlie on cycling the Icefields
Parkway after glacier dry school tonight in Buchanan A100.
Unfortunately the timing is somewhat uncertain due to the nature of
dry school.  Upcoming slideshows:

3) Clubs Days, Sept. 19-21
Clubs Days are coming up.  This is where you buy your Longhike ticket
(see next item).  We need volunteers to woman the booth.  Counts as a
workhike! Sign up on the wiki:

4) Longhike, Oct. 6-7

Longhike is on Thanksgiving Weekend this year, but essentially
everything happens on Saturday (and early Sunday morning) so it
shouldn't interfere with any family plans etc.  Longhike is
essentially a rock climbing "school."  Not too much hiking goes
on. Longhike includes a day of learning from more experienced
climbers in the club, Dinner, accomodations (this year at Evans Lake
Forest Education Centre), party of the year (beer for sale at $3),
breakfast, prizes and much much more.
Cost is $45.  Buy your ticket at the Clubs Days booth.  Longhike
always sells out, so be ready!
Instructors are encouraged to sign up on the wiki, which also contains
more general information:

III. Other

1) Save Skaha
There will be a donation box at the slideshows (starting tonight) and
clubs days to collect money to help fund a permanent access corridor
to the Skaha climbing area.  This is an important project!  See last
week's VOCene for more info:

2) T-Shirt Contest
Design the new VOC t-shirt!  You could win a prize and be the envy of
your peers!  See the message board for details:

3) Membership Renewals
If you haven't renewed your membership yet, do so soon, or else you
will lose your membership privileges!  Remember that alumni membership
is free.


Presented by Parks Canada and
Mountain Equipment Co-op,
130 West Broadway, Vancouver
7:00pm, Thursday, September 20
The Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations have called the west coast of
Vancouver Island home since time immemorial.  Pacific Rim National
Park Reserve of Canada was established in 1970, within the traditional
territories of these First Nations. Join Nuu-chah-nulth and Parks
Canada representatives for a presentation on their evolving
relationship at Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands and the West
Coast Trail.

Admission is free and all are welcome.
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to:  To unsubscribe from the VOCene
mailing list, sign in at and
uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club

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