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Date : 2007-09-19
Description : VOCene #19
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VOCene #19 - September 19, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Glacier School
     2) Old Settler
     3) Bug Lake

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Clubs Days, Sept. 19-21
     2) Mt. Seymour Trail Day, Sept. 22
     3) Longhike, Oct. 6-7
     4) Phelix Trail Workhike, Oct. 20-21

III. Other
     1) T-Shirt Contest
     2) Reel Rock Film Tour

Welcome back!  For new members who have just recently joined, this is
the VOCene, a weekly email newsletter about club events.

I. Trip Reports

1) Glacier School
A whole bunch of people came out to glacier school on the Anniversary
Glacier this year.  Seems like a lot of fun and learning was had.  The
weather was a little poor on Sunday, but most people were intrepid
enough to brave the weather and head back up onto the glacier.  Links
to pictures in the thread.

2) Old Settler
Scott N. and Sandra N. climbed the SW buttress of the Old Settler on
the weekend.  Seems like a neat, mostly 4th class route.  More info in
the thread.

3) Bug Lake
Earlier this month Thomas Hug and Sibylle attempted to cross the
Elaho-Jervis divide by traversing from Sims Creek to Princess Louisa
Inlet (via Bug Lake and Sun Peak).  They didn't quite make it, but
their trip report gives some great information on this less often
visited area.

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Clubs Days, Sept. 19-21
Clubs days is on!  Come visit our booth outside the North end of the
SUB.  We have a fancy new poster to show off, and some slacklining has
occurred.  Come renew your membership and buy your Longhike ticket!
(see below)

2) Mt. Seymour Trail Day, Sept. 22
BC Parks is having a trail maintenance day on Mt. Seymour this
Saturday.  Here is a message from Mark Grist, a VOC alumni:
I'm organizing a trail work day for Saturday September 22nd up on Mt
Seymour. The section of trail we'll tackle is informally known as
"Sugar Bowl Face", just above Sugar Bowl lake and just below Brockton
Gully ski run. It's about a 20 min hike up the Mt Seymour main trail
from the parking lot.
Most of the work will focus on establishing a continuous creek path
down this section, because in spring the creek flows onto the trail
and has caused some serious erosion. One short bridge also needs
constructing and another needs to be moved and the foundation
We'll meet at 9:30am at the end of Lot 4 near the base of the Mystery
chairlift. Parks will supply volunteer parking passes so you won't
have to pay to park - just look for the navy Parks truck and rangers.
We'll supply shovels, pulaskis, pry bars etc, but if you could bring a
pair of work gloves and a lunch, that would be fantastic. Please also
bring lots of water and dress for the weather!

3) Longhike, Oct. 6-7
Longhike is on Thanksgiving Weekend this year, but essentially
everything happens on Saturday (and early Sunday morning) so it
shouldn't interfere with any family plans etc.  Longhike is
a rock climbing "school."  Not too much hiking goes
on. Longhike includes a day of learning from more experienced
climbers in the club, dinner, accomodations (this year at Evans Lake
Forest Education Centre), party of the year (beer for sale at $3),
breakfast, prizes and much much more.
Cost is $45.  Buy your ticket at the Clubs Days booth.  Longhike
always sells out, so be fast!
There are three levels of instruction, from total beginner, to
intro. to trad leading.

4) Phelix Trail Workhike, Oct. 20-21
Support is alredy building for this workhike to finish off the new
trail to the Phelix Creek (Brian Waddington) Hut.  It counts as a
workhike and you'll get to stay in a swanky hut.  More info on the
wiki and to come as the trip nears.

III. Other

1) T-Shirt Contest
Design the new VOC t-shirt!  You could win a prize and be the envy of
your peers!  See the message board for details:

2) Membership Renewals
If you haven't renewed your membership yet, do so soon, or else you
will lose your membership privileges!  Remember that alumni membership
is free.

3) Reel Rock Film Tour
The Reel Rock Film Tour is tomorrow, Thursday Sept. 20 at the Ridge at
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