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Date : 2007-09-26
Description : VOCene #20
Content :
VOCene #20 - September 26, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Escape from Sampson
     2) Cypress
     3) Jeff's Swim of Unsanity

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Slideshow -TONIGHT- Sept. 26
     2) Mt. Fromme Trails Meeting, Sept. 27
     3) Hanes Valley, Sept. 29
     4) Macdonald and Webb, Sept. 30
     5) Longhike, Oct. 6-7, Dry School Oct. 3
     6) Phelix Trail Workhike, Oct. 20-21

III. Other
     1) T-Shirt Contest
     2) Climbing Wall
     4) GAS Meeting

Welcome back!  For new members who have just recently joined, this is
the VOCene, a weekly email newsletter about club events.

I. Trip Reports

1) Escape from Sampson
Matthew Breakey and Piotr decided to climb Mt. Sampson on the
weekend.  Their tale of water, bushwacking, glaciers and other
tomfoolery is available on the message board (with linked pictures!):

2) Cypress
A large-ish VOC group tackled Cypress Peak on Sunday.  The Roe Creek
road is now 2WD the R200 branch.  They drove 4WD to the end.  Frost
and snow on the route made it more tricky than usual.  Winter is

3) Jeff's Swim of Unsanity
Jeff Mottershead wanted to swim from Wreck Beach to Lighthouse Park.
Shockingly he thought he should bring along an escort in a kayak in
case there were any problems (or did someone force him to do this?)
Natalie Stafl agreed to paddle an enormous tandem kayak by herself
beside Jeff as she swam.  Of course, the fact that Jeff recently broke
his ankle and is still wearing a cast didn't deter him.  It's not
clear if he wore the cast while swimming or not.  In any event,
apparently he made it about 75% of the way to the Lighthouse before
the current was deemed too strong.  Instead of continuing he turned
right and swam to Stanley Park for a total distance of 15km, almost
double the distance from Wreck to the Lighthouse.  Ridiculous.

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Slideshow -TONIGHT- Sept. 26 
Clubroom, 7pm
Rob Brusse is presenting some of his slides from his numerous climbing
trips to Bugaboo Provincial Park. If you haven't heard of this place,
just imagine long alpine routes, splitter cracks, granite spires, and
glaciers. I know the alpine rock season is over now, but it's never
too early to start thinking about next summer.

2) Mt. Fromme Trails Meeting, Sept. 27
Parkgate Community Centre  3625 Banff Court  North Vancouver 
Room:  Mary Hunter Hall
Thursday, September 27, 2007 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Presentation by Consultant  7:00 to 7:30 p.m.  
Review Dislpays 7:30 onwards
The District of North Vancouver Parks and Environment Department is in
the latter stages of our work on the Fromme Mountain Trail
Classification Plan.  DNV staff and the consultant team would like to
invite you to a Public Open House to review the "draft" plan and to
contribute your feedback, comments and questions.

3) Hanes Valley, Sept. 29
Michael Kaye is organizing a hike from Lynn to Grouse via the Hanes
Valley.  Details on the message board:

4) MacDonald and Webb, Sept. 30
Natasha Tam is organizing a trip to hike and scramble MacDonald and
Webb peaks (out in Chilliwack) this Sunday.  Sign up on the wiki.

5) Longhike, Oct. 6-7, Dry School Oct. 3
Longhike is on Thanksgiving Weekend this year, but essentially
everything happens on Saturday (and early Sunday morning) so it
shouldn't interfere with any family plans etc.  Longhike is
a rock climbing "school."  Not too much hiking goes
on. Longhike includes a day of learning from more experienced
climbers in the club, dinner, accomodations (this year at Evans Lake
Forest Education Centre), party of the year (beer for sale at $3),
breakfast, prizes and much much more.
Cost is $45. 
There are three levels of instruction, from total beginner, to
intro. to trad leading.

There are still Longhike tickets available.  Get yours in the clubroom
at lunchtime (or at the slideshow tonight!)

Note the MANDATORY for everyone dry school on Oct. 3 in Wood 5 at 6:30pm

Instructor meeting Oct. 1, 7pm, clubroom.  Email Ben if this is a problem.

6) Phelix Trail Workhike, Oct. 20-21
Support is alredy building for this workhike to finish off the new
trail to the Phelix Creek (Brian Waddington) Hut.  It counts as a
workhike and you'll get to stay in a swanky hut.  More info on the
wiki and to come as the trip nears.

III. Other

1) T-Shirt Contest
Design the new VOC t-shirt!  You could win a prize and be the envy of
your peers!  Contest ends this Sunday! See the message board for details:

2) Climbing Wall
This is a reminder that you are only allowed to climb on the climbing
wall when we have the wall booked!  Even if you can find your way into
the wall at other times you are not allowed to climb!  Don't
jeopardize our access to the wall by breaking the rules.  We have
received complaints from FilmSoc regarding climbing during movies.
Wall hours:

3) Membership Renewals
If you haven't renewed your membership yet, do so soon, or else you
will lose your membership privileges!  Remember that alumni membership
is free.

4) GAS Meeting
Some updates on the Garibaldi at Squamish Resort Development on the
message board:
There will be more public consultation.  Stay tuned!
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to:  To unsubscribe from the VOCene
mailing list, sign in at and
uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

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