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VOCene #10 - October 5, 2004
The first long weekend of the school year is upon us. Happy Turkey Day! Why not celebrate the holiday outdoors on a trip instead of dissecting and consuming a flightless bird’s roasted cadaver? 

    - Vantage, Washington, USA, Oct 9-11
    - Garibaldi Park
    - Brew Hut

    - membership renewals
    - Wednesday slideshows
    - VOC apparel
    - work hikes

    - Smoke Bluffs, Squamish, Oct 1-2 
    - MEC Gear Swap
    - Update: Stawamus Chief Gondola Proposal
    - Alpine Club of Canada Leadership course


From the VOC Trip Coordinator, Tom Chen:

Alright folks, this marks the VOC's fourth official trip (after mountaineering camp, glacier school, and longhike), so you know how awesome it'll be.

We're heading out to Vantage, Washington on Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend, which happens to be from October 9th to 11th. Parties are encouraged to leave on Friday, but a full night's sleep is something of a useful asset before one drives long distances. Camping should be free, and the pre-meeting is Wednesday, October the 6th after the slideshow, so that we can arrange rides and gear rentals. What's neat is that this is a rock climbing trip in a desert, so there'll be some vast scenery that you'll be hard pressed to see along the coast. And you get to climb in dryness. This also means a good water container (10 L?) would be all but required.

There is a meeting tomorrow at 8PM (right after the VOC slideshow) if you’re interested in heading down. Contact Tom for more info.


Boris Khramtsev, the VOC Membership Chair, is trying to put together a trip to Garibaldi Provincial Park this weekend:

So let's say you want to hike on the Thanksgiving weekend. Say a trip that would be relaxed, picteresque and loads of fun.
Or you are new to this whole hiking business and want to see what BC has to offer. 

This Thanksgiving I am organizing a 3-day trip to Garibaldi Park. Mostly this hike is geared toward newer hikers or ones that are aiming for an easy-going weekend trip. This trip would include going up the Panorama Ridge, Black Tusk (maybe), going to Gentian Pass etc. Although, if all the people who want to go are hardcore intrepid types - there is a whole lot of stuff to do in that Park that would be quite a bit more challenging.
Pictures from previous trips to the area:


As you may have heard, the VOC manages a few backcountry huts. This is true. They are usually available to club members but always check with an Exec before planning a trip to one. Brew Hut is located near Mount Brew just west of Brandywine Fall Provincial Park along the Sea to Sky highway:

There is impeding change in the Brew Hut improvement saga! Rejoice and give praise. Although building will likely take place during the coming summer, there may be scouting trips in the meantime. This coming weekend the venerable Roland Burton, VOC Useful Person, will lead such a trip. This trip may also include “work hike” items as we reconnoiter the area.

***For up-to-the-minute updates on all the above trips, keep an eye on the message board and/or contact the trip organizer. There are other trip ideas being tossed around on the board that may also take place this weekend.


Your 2003-04 membership expired at the end of September. Your website access has now been rescinded and this is the last VOCene you will receive before you are deleted from the mailing list. So if you’ve let your membership lapse, then shame on you. Come to the clubroom, confess your sin and beg forgiveness, and we’ll renew your membership. Probably.


The VOC weekly slideshow series continues this week with a presentation by Chris Barrington-Leigh:

This Wednesday (6 October) evening at 7:00 p.m. I will be giving a slide
show (approx 45 minutes) on rock climbing in Yosemite National Park,
Calfornia. In particular, I will tell the story of my 5 day long climb
with a friend in 2001 up the 3000 foot vertical granite face of the
Salathe Wall on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.  I will try to give some
insight into what it's like to live and travel in a vertical desert,
including the physical and mental struggles of sustained exertion and
focus, and a bit about the techniques involved.

The presentation (35 mm slides) will take place at the Varsity Outdoor
Club (VOC) office in the basement (North end) of the Student Union
building, near the Bike Co-op. [map at ]
All are welcome.


We have some stylin’ VOC shirts for sale. Long sleeve tees are $15, short sleeve are $12. There are also some older styles going for $5 (CHEAP!!). Come by the clubroom and snag one - supplies are limited!


To borrow VOC gear, we ask that you perform an altruistic act that directly benefits the club. We call this a “work hike”. If you are looking for one to do, sign up on the sheet on the gear room door or contact an Exec member.

I need reports. This is how it works: you go on a trip (for better or worse), you write a short blurb, I include it in the VOCene, the rest of our vast membership gets to partake vicariously. 


This past weekend a very large group of VOC’ers headed back out to Squamish for more climbing. Kudos to Jordan Tam for inadvertently organizing the trip. From all accounts, the weather was great and everyone had a good time.


A VOC contingent camped out hobo-style outside MEC this past Sunday for the bi-annual Gear Swap. Wallets were emptied but many deals on assorted gear were had. Looks like it’ll be macaroni and cheese for the next month….


Squamish Council Meeting on the Stawamus Chief Gondola Proposal

28 September 2004

Matt Brown, Chris Barrington-Leigh and Nick Elson attended this meeting,
representing the Varisty Outdoor Club.

Summary: The District of Squamish endorsed a proposal for a gondola, **but
not on the Squamish Chief**. This endorsement does not constitute passing
phase 1 negotiations, i.e. a proposal for a re-routed gondola through the
park but not on the Chief would have to come back to the council. It also
transpired in the meeting that **the Squamish Nation have "closed the door
on a gondola on the Chief"**.

Comments: With a rejection of the proposal from the Squamish First Nation
and the District of Squamish, it seems unlikely that a gondola could be
built on the Chief. However, the District of Squamish has left the door
open to proposals elsewhere in Squamish, in particular in the Stawamus
Chief Provincial Park. Since the proponents have secured 6.5 acres of land
at the base of the Chief, it seems that this is a serious proposition; in
particular a possible route between the Chief and Shannon Falls was cited.
Such a proposal would have to come back to the key stakeholders for

For more info on the meeting:

Oct. 23-24, 2004

If you are interested in developing your leadership
skills, whether as a trip leader or participant, this
will be a great workshop weekend for you.

Highlights include: a leadership assessment tool where
you will learn more about your leadership style and
identify areas that can be improved; role-playing to
practice decision making and communication in tough
situations while on a hike; and an opportunity to meet
other club members, learn, and have fun--all at the
same time!

Cost:  for ACC members:  $25.00; for non-ACC members:
$30.00; for Varsity Outdoor Club members: $20.

Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.  To
register, contact Zoran Vasic at 604-438-9066; email:, before Monday, Oct. 18.

If you call, please leave your email address with
Zoran, as we will be contacting you ahead of the
weekend by email with materials for the workshop.

The workshop will be held at a learning facility in
the North Shore mountains; you can find out more when
you register.  Space is limited, so sign up early!

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