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Date : 2007-10-17
Description : VOCene #23
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VOCene #23 - October 17, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Edible Wilds Hike

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Mini Clubs Days, Oct. 18-19
     2) Phelix Trail Workhike, Oct. 20-21
     3) Skaha, Oct. 20-21
     4) Big Trees Hike, Oct. 20
     5) Needle Peak, Oct. 21
     6) Higher Ground, Oct. 23

III. Other
     1) Norm Climbing Wall
     2) Message Board Reorganization

I. Trip Reports

1) Edible Wilds Hike

Hopefully Samantha Landa won't mind if I include her trip report here:

So this is my first post ever, my first official VOC outing ever, and
therefore my first trip report ever, so bear with me if I left out a
few details or posted this in the wrong place.

Following a 7:40 meeting time and a lot of coffee, we hopped on the
ferry to Bowen Island (to Crippen Regional Park). Meghan and our other
guide gave us the low-down on the plans for the day. A gorgeous,
beginner-friendly hike.

Meghan got down to business right off the bat. I never imagined that
eating cedar and skunk cabbage (boiled) could make for emergency
rations--or non-emergency, if it's to your taste. We were informed
that we could make a damn good salad from fern fiddleheads and flour
from fern rhizomes(while being taught how to differentiate between a
sword fern and a bracken fern; I forget the latin names already, but
'mutiny' was somewhere in there) and make a floury substance from
bullrushes. We walked around the south end of Killarney Lake and were
shown an abundance of pond lilies from which one can salvage the
starchy root--and the flower's seeds to pop like popcorn, I
believe. And fir needles are similar to rosemary...eerily similar...

It being mid-October, we were taught to identify different
berry-bearing plants based mainly on their leaves. Elderberries,
huckleberries and salal all grow in coastal BC. Don't eat white
snowberries--apparently you will regret it later. Basically, don't eat
anything you aren't 100% confident about, especially if it's really
ambiguous and is similar to something you know to be poisonous. Bring
a field guide.

The group had split in two, but we reunited for lunch on a boardwalk
beside the lake. A few people had been analyzing mushrooms, one of
which was definitely hallucinogenic. But I digress. The sun had come
out and three layers suddenly seemed excessive. Some of the members of
the group trekked uphill to the village for hot chocolate and gelato;
funnily enough, it turned out to be the steepest grade we experienced
all day.

II. Upcoming Events and Trips   

1) Mini Clubs Days, Oct. 18-19
We are going to be staffing a table in the SUB next week to sign up
some more members.  We are looking for volunteers to sit at the table
for an hour (or two, or more!) and tell people about how great the VOC
is.  Sign up on the wiki: (this also counts as a workhike)
Tickets to Higher Ground (see below) will be available at the table!

2) Phelix Trail Workhike, Oct. 20-21
This is a workhike to finish off the new trail to the Phelix Creek
(Brian Waddington) Hut.  It counts as a workhike and you'll get to
stay in a swanky hut.  More info on the wiki and board:

3) Skaha, Oct. 20-21
The VOC's annual trip to Skaha is this weekend.  The Skaha Bluffs are
located just outside Penticton and are typically a dryer place to
climb than Squamish this time of year.  We will be staying at the Lost
Moose Campground for a low cost ($200 for everyone for both nights =
~$5 per person) Drivers are needed, if you are going and have a car,
please drive it!

4) Big Trees Hike, Oct. 20
Vince is leading a half-day beginner friendly hike to see a 600 year
or tree on the north shore (on Saturday morning).  It's a rough trail
with several creek crossings, but should be a good option if you can't
get away for the whole weekend!

5) Needle Peak, Oct. 21
Andrew is leading another beginner friendly hike this weekend, this
time to Needle Peak on the Coquihalla (Sunday).  Needle peak is a
great destination, with a fun little scramble at the end.

6) Higher Ground, Oct. 23
We are showing the movie "Higher Ground - A Mountain Adventure Film"
in the Norm Theatre on Tuesday Oct. 23.  Doors 7:00pm, movie, 7:30pm.
Tickets are $5 for members and $10 for non-members.  From the
organizer (Christian S.): "This is an epic epic movie filled with
rather insane athletes performing feats of insane awesomeness. Some of
the things you will see are Free Climbing a 5.13a R route in Zion Natl
Park, Ice Climbing on the Stanley Headwall, BC, and Ski Mountaineering
in the BC Coast Mountains."  More info about the movie is here:
Tickets at the door or at the mini clubs days table (see above).

III. Other
1) Norm Climbing Wall
If you weren't aware, the VOC has an indoor climbing wall behind the
stage in the Norm Theatre in the SUB.  In order to use the wall, you
need to pass a belay test given by an executive member.  When you
pass, we'll sign your membership card and enter your name into the
list of authorized users.  Everyone who uses the wall needs to pass
the test.  There must be at least 2 people at the wall at all times.

Most importantly:  you cannot use the wall unless we have the theatre
booked.  You can find out when the theatre is booked here:
Even if you can get into the wall at other times, you are not allowed!
To get access during the available times, you see the proctor in the SUB.

2) Message Board Reorganization
You may have noticed that the message board has been slightly
reorganized.  There are now two boards, one for trips, and one for
other discussion.  Please post trips and their associated trip reports
on the trip board.  For more information on this change, and to give
you feedback, visit:
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to:  To unsubscribe from the VOCene
mailing list, sign in at and
uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

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