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Date : 2007-11-14
Description : VOCene #27
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VOCene #27 - November 14, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) Smith Rock, Nov. 9-12
     2) Glacier Travel Review, Nov. 10-12

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Slide show postponed to Nov. 21
     2) Skiing at Red Heather, Nov. 17
     3) Island caving trips, Nov. 17-18
     4) Brew Hut trip, Nov. 24-25
     5) Winter Social, Nov. 28 
     6) Snowshoe Abomination, Dec. 14-16
     7) Avalanche course, Jan. 19-20

III. VOCJ Call For Submissions

IV. ACC Memberships
I. Trip Reports

1) Smith Rock
A large VOC group made their way down to Oregon for the annual
climbing trip.  Contrary to the forecasts, the weather was reported to
be great, warm enough during the day for topless climbing, and warm
enough next to the fire for topless drinking.  With only one person
arrested, this trip seems to have gone off without a hitch!

2) Glacier Travel Review
Another group went up to Cerise Creek and Keith's Hut to practice some
glacier travel skills.  It looks like they were successful at doing
beacon searches, anchor building, roping up, prussiking and more.
Some people even managed to sleep _under_ the hut!  Apparently it
snowed a ton while they were up there.  The message board has links to
photos and even a video:

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Slide show postponed to Nov. 21
Pete's slide show on Yukon icefields has been postponed to next week,
Wednesday Nov. 21 at 7pm in the clubroom.  There is a different
slideshow (non-VOC) about mountains in Mongolia tonight however.  More

2) Skiing at Red Heather, Nov. 17
Another ski trip to Red Heather is being planned.  Great way to start
off the season:

3) Island caving trips, Nov. 17-18
Some caving trips on the island are being organized for this weekend!
They are a little thin on details at the moment, but I think this is
usual for caving.  Filling up fast... check out the board and wiki:

4) Brew Hut trip, Nov. 24-25
This trip is totally overfull.  If you signed up on the wiki, please
read the message board and wiki to see what is going on.  There will
be lots more trips to the Brew Hut, so don't worry if you missed out
this time...

5) Winter Social, Nov. 28
Rumour has it that the VOC is planning a winter social event on
Wednesday Nov. 28.  Time and place TBA... 

6) Snowshoe Abomination, Dec. 14-16
Jeff Mottershead will be leading a group of snowshoeing VOC hooligans
up to Golden Ears. This trip doesn't assume any experience, but does
require that you're in somewhat decent shape. The path gains 1500m in
potentially deep snow over 12 km. Avalanche gear (shovel, probe,
transciever) is required. There will be a pre-trip meeting at 7:00pm in
the club room on Tuesday, December 12.

7) Avalanche Course, Jan. 19-20
The VOC is organizing a Avalanche Skills Training (Level 1) course
through Canada West Mountain School in the new year.  This is an
excellent course to take in order to learn about avalanches and how to
avoid them in the backcountry.  More info:

III. VOCJ Call For Submissions

The 2007-2008 issue of the VOCJ will mark the fiftieth anniversary of
the journal. In celebration the journal will be bigger (higher page
count) and brighter (more colour pages) and will feature a
retrospective section including articles by alums, spotlights on some
gems from the archives, and profiles of key figures and events in VOC
history. We'll send free copies out to all contributing alums and
advertisers. This issue will take more resources (human and monetary)
to put together, so we'll need a lot of help

To help, you can:
-submit an article
-submit photos
-suggest advertisers
-suggest alumni we can profile or contact to write an article
-suggest current VOCers we should harass to write articles
-skim the archives for restrospective vignettes
-sign up to write one of a the suggested articles (on the wiki page)

This is the first call for submissions.  The deadline is February 11,
2008, but the sooner the better!

All this info and more is on the wiki page:

IV. ACC Memberships
The VOC has an agreement with the ACC (Alpine Club of Canada) that
allows student members to get a free ACC membership for the year.  You
may have noticed a checkbox on the membership form where you could
choose whether or not you wanted this.  Unfortunately, due to
technical difficulties, the choice you made on the form has not been
incorporated into the database.  The current default is for all
student members to get the free membership, but this means that we
have to send your name and address to the ACC.  If you don't want this
to happen, please go to the VOC website, click on "Edit Account," log
in, click on "Update your contact information," and uncheck the ACC
membership box.
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to:  To unsubscribe from the VOCene
mailing list, sign in at and
uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

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