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Date : 2007-11-21
Description : VOCene #28
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VOCene #28 - November 21, 2007
In this VOCene:

I. Trip Reports
     1) First trip to the Harrison Hut in years!
     2) Red Heather skiing
     3) Waddington Hut flagging

II. Upcoming Events and Trips
     1) Slide show, TONIGHT, Nov. 21
     2) Brew Hut trip, Nov. 24-25
     3) Winter Social, Nov. 28 
     4) 3rd Annual Jared Stanley Mountain Safety Lecture, Nov. 29
     5) Snowshoe Abomination, Dec. 14-16
     6) Avalanche course, Jan. 19-20


IV. ACC Memberships
I. Trip Reports

1) First trip to the Harrison Hut in years!
Pete Hudson and crew made their way to the Harrison Hut two weekends
ago.  As far as I know this is the first self-propelled VOC trip to
the hut since 2003 when the bridge over Meagher Creek washed out (is
was just recently rebuilt).

2) Red Heather skiing
A bunch of VOCers went skiing at Red Heather on the weekend.  Seems
like a lot of people got in some good early season skiing.  Looks like
the snow is deep enough now!

3) Waddington Hut flagging
Christian Veenstra and his entourage set off to Phelix Creek to move
the flags up higher in the trees on the new trail to the Brian
Waddington Hut (so they wouldn't be buried by snow).  Some pictures
are available of their hard labour:
Also, Jeff Mottershead headed up independently and helped rescue a
random guy who was stuck in the snow on the logging road after it
dumped while he was up at the hut.  Thanks to Jeff for building the
VOC's good reputation.  Apparently he convinced the guy to join the
club too.

II. Upcoming Events and Trips

1) Slide show, TONIGHT, Nov. 21
Come and check out Pete Hudson slideshow on ski touring and climbing
in the St. Elias Range. The St. Elias Mountains are the highest peaks
in Canada and are massively glaciated and contains the largest
non-polar icecaps on earth. If you've ever dreamed of climbing Mount
Logan, Mount Vancouver, or any of those other big peaks, this is worth
checking out! I hear Pete is looking for a partner to go back to the
St Elias range too.
Same place, same time, 7pm VOC Clubroom.

2) Brew Hut trip, Nov. 24-25
This trip is full.  There is a trip meeting tonight (Nov. 21) at
5:30pm in the clubroom for participants.  There will
be lots more trips to the Brew Hut, so don't worry if you missed out
this time...

3) Winter Social, Nov. 28
The VOC Winter Social next Wednesday in SUB 215 from 6-10pm.  It will
be a pot luck event.  Email 1 or 2 of your best recent photos to
Richard So ( for the entertainment.  Spectacular
skiing bails encouraged.

4) 3rd Annual Jared Stanley Mountain Safety Lecture, Nov. 29
The 3rd annual mountain safety lecture is happening on Nov 29,
5:30-7:30pm, in Geography RM 100. Looks like its featuring Curtis
Jones from North Shore rescue, with a short ski film.

5) Snowshoe Abomination, Dec. 14-16
Jeff Mottershead will be leading a group of snowshoeing VOC hooligans
up to Golden Ears. This trip doesn't assume any experience, but does
require that you're in somewhat decent shape. The path gains 1500m in
potentially deep snow over 12 km. Avalanche gear (shovel, probe,
transciever) is required. There will be a pre-trip meeting at 7:00pm in
the club room on Tuesday, December 12.

6) Avalanche Course, Jan. 19-20
The VOC is organizing a Avalanche Skills Training (Level 1) course
through Canada West Mountain School in the new year.  This is an
excellent course to take in order to learn about avalanches and how to
avoid them in the backcountry.  More info:


A monthly update from Natalie Stafl, your Federation of Mountain Clubs
of British Columba representative:

I guess you'll be asking WTF is the Federation and why do I need
representation?  (I might phrase it differently but this is the VOC,
not Natalie talking here)

For one thing, if you are reading this you are a probably member of
the Varsity Outdoor Club, and presumably a backcountry user (a bit
presumptuous in some cases I know but for now let it stand).  As a
user of trails/ bushwhacks on crown land you have certain interests on
how the lands are managed.  (eg. you would notice and possibly care if
you were denied access due to clear-cutting activities or if there was
a big conflict between individual backcountry users and commercial
recreation operations).  This is where I and the Fed come in.  It is
our job to relay and communicate your interests to government to see
to it that they understand what we would like to see.  Not everyone
has time to write or draft a letter so, myself and the other members
of the Recreation and Conservation committee (of the FMCBC) meet on a
monthly basis to identify action issues and devise as strategy to
effectively convey our position to the government.

We are currently working on avoiding user conflict by keeping Phelix
creek a non-motorized zone. (see thread on message board...  ) Please
come by the clubroom and add your name to the petition.  It'll only
take a minute and hopefully your signature will contribute to keeping
our trips to the Brian Waddington Hut dominated by mulled wine and
songbooks, and not arguments with motorized users

IV. ACC Memberships

The VOC has an agreement with the ACC (Alpine Club of Canada) that
allows student members to get a free ACC membership for the year.  You
may have noticed a checkbox on the membership form where you could
choose whether or not you wanted this.  Unfortunately, due to
technical difficulties, the choice you made on the form has not been
incorporated into the database.  The current default is for all
student members to get the free membership, but this means that we
have to send your name and address to the ACC.  If you don't want this
to happen, please go to the VOC website, click on "Edit Account," log
in, click on "Update your contact information," and uncheck the ACC
membership box.
CONTRIBUTIONS to the VOCene are welcome. Please send all inquires or
additions to:  To unsubscribe from the VOCene
mailing list, sign in at and
uncheck the 'want VOCene' box

UBC Varsity Outdoor Club

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